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**SA Rules and links thread, read rules before posting**

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by Gilly, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Gilly

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    Now these are very very very simple (resists obvious joke) rules to follow, but please take a moment to read through.

    1 Spoiler Threads: When a game is being played but hasn't yet been shown on a highlights programme on terrestrial TV, bung the word 'Spoiler' into the thread title before talking about it. This allows people who haven't seen/heard the results to actually watch the game unfold & have that element of surprise rather than knowing the result beforehand if they don't want to know it. It isn't difficult to do but a number of people keep breaking this rule & will have their threads deleted & on repeated occasions of this happening their accounts suspended which I don't want to happen.

    2 Respect: Another straight forward rule which keeps getting broken, don't insult other people for the teams they support or any random wacky ideas they may seem to have, if you don't agree, say so in a calm manner or walk away. In particular aside from this thread I don't want to see the word 'Scum' mentioned towards a team or supporter (most often reserved for Man U fans, the word 'Goon' in reference to Arsenal fans (Gooner is still ok) or sad sad git for supporting Spurs. It isn't clever to say & it isn't funny ok ;). This does not mean no banter...in fact it means almost the opposite, banter without the insults, most here aren't children so use that brain to brag/mock/have a laugh with a modicum of intelligence. Rule breaks of this nature will lead to suspension followed by removal of access to this forum if you keep breaking the rule.

    2b Respect: This isn't a rule as such but I thought I would chuck it in anyway & is mostly directed toward the Man U fans tbh though does apply to others as well. If someone make a thread about United remember there are numerous teams which use that word at the end of their name and as such if someone assumes it isn't Manchester United you are referring to, unbunch your panties & take it as a joke as that is all it is. As I say, not a rule as such but it often leads to the above rule being broken & therefore deserves a mention.

    3 Swearing: As in the main rules, don't do it, it results in suspensions all over the forums & is no different in here. I know the games are passionate but if you cannot help but swear then go elsewhere before posting in here.

    4 In addition:

    We have had a rise in offensive sectarian posts in relation to SPL football, these will not be tolerated and any future infringements will result in suspensions or the revoking of SA access.

    If you have any doubts as to whether a comment could be construed as offensive then don't use it and we won't have a problem.
  2. Gilly

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    Joined: Oct 17, 2002

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    Location: I'm back baby!

    ***General Football Sites***

    ***Football team Home Pages***









    ***Mountain Biking***



    ***General Sports Pages***

    Thanks to SizEzE, Gilly, Brenos, Davey_Pitch, Big Kev, teejay01, Tiesto, Rotty, Chasser, Nismo, Spud21 & Gez for submitting links :)

    If you wish any additional links to be added, please email me.
  3. Admiral Huddy


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