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Samsung 970 Pro cooling

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by tres_kun, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. tres_kun


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    Sharing my experience with cooling a Samsung 970 pro
    After reading about the nand flash on m.2 ssd`s and negatives on cooling them
    Apparently they last longer if written while warm
    Decided to find a method to cool the controller only
    Got some 1mm thick thermal grizzly thermal pad
    And got it sandwiched between the ssd and the motherboard with a tad of kryonaut
    The space was 3.05mm
    The pads by themselves will barely contact the ssd
    With a pinch of thermal paste i could feel a tiny bit of resistance with the ssd flush on the motherboard
    Temperatures obtained after system idle with one run of crystaldiskmark
    On Asrock x370 taici
    Before max : 75 controller 60 flash
    After max: 63 controller 51 flash
    Idle after :44 controller 36 flash
    All of this is at 19 degrees ambient