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Samurize Scripts

Discussion in 'W Archive' started by Rich_L, 12 Apr 2003.

  1. rOAdeh


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    cd-rom loader/ejector

    Right ok, I'm not sure of the best way to go about this and haven't quite managed to work it out so a little help please?

    I'm sure there's an easy way to do this but currently i have a small dos util (called eject.exe) that when run in cmd.exe just requires the command eject <drive letter>: to eject and eject <drive letter>: /l to close.

    How do i put this into Samurize? Preferably using only one button/meter link but don't mind if it uses 2 (i.e. one for open and one for close). I've tried all the combinations of meter linking and console program meters but nothing seems to have worked as yet.

    Or would it be easier to use a script instead? In which case is there a script that someone has/can write which would do this for me?

    thanks in advance,

  2. 1337_KR3W


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    i havent found a way to make a button you could click in samurize - i suppose you could write a script to detect the pressing of a key combo and open the drive - but seeing as samurize only refreshes the script at the most of once a sec iirc i dont see how this would work.
  3. Dutch Guy


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    Re: cd-rom loader/ejector

    Import a PNG and overlay that with a textbox that is linked to the exe, like C:\Program Files\eject.exe and remove the text on it so it is just blank.
    Now when you double click the PNG it runs the file specified in the textfile ;)
  4. rOAdeh


    Joined: 3 Dec 2002

    Posts: 618

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Re: Re: cd-rom loader/ejector

    Yer that's what i hoped i'd be able to do but i needed to pass 'eject <drive letter>:' at the same time with the linking which i didn't seem to be able to do. It didn't seem to work even when using shortcuts and trying to pass them as parameters (using -eject <cdrom drive>: after the shortcut in the properties of the shortcut)

    Eventually, before i was about to resort to downloading a pascal compiler and trying to write something myself (with my limited knowledge) i found a nice joke program that does just what i want, just an exe to open the drive (here if anyone cares: http://www.rjlsoftware.com/software/entertainment/open_cd/default.shtml) and decided i can live without a close icon too.

    edit: just been fiddling and noticed that if you create a shortcut of cd_open.exe and change the target to e.g 'c:\open_cd.exe close') that it will close the drive and the shortcut can then be linked to with a meter in samurize :D...yay!

    Resulting in this:


    I've tried to design it to be quite simple while also interactive, most of the text save for the left hand box is linked to something relevant and the icons are all linked to their obvious programs/folders. Still wondering if it's possible to have icons change depending on whether the recycyle bin is empty and full (like windows normally does since no one seemed to know last time). Only thing not working is my E: drive meter as the HDD recently died and is waiting to be RMA'ed (hence also the large amount of stuff dumped on the other two drives atm :eek:.)
    Last edited: 26 Jun 2003