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Sat nav, Car tax and v5 woes

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Tosno, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Tosno


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    Location: Gloucester

    Unfortunately not on the test drive/viewing but saying that I would not even check if the GPS is there, we live only 10 mins away. I like to sit alone at home on the drive and play with all the features, even then when I saw system not installed, I thought it would be a simple job downloading the app onto a usb. I gave it the once over on collection/payment and it was sound visually and mechanically.
  2. Tosno


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    Posts: 2,821

    Location: Gloucester


    It took about 2 weeks to get the logbook back, the dealer refunded me and I got back 3 tax refunds from the DVLA.

    Now for the fun part.
    I went to the salesman to get my misrepresentation damages for his negligence, he refused and his French manager denied anything happened at all and that my wife should of known the car better than the salesman (when will the French learn not to mess with English and Russians :D ) and said case closed. I made a small claims court case against them and I got back a nice cheque with the court fees :)

    Anyways I pushed the boat out and got my wife a lovely Auto Skoda Yeti SE 1.2 from the new Evans in Gloucester, much better service all around and remember the admin fee is optional!
  3. paradigm


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    Sounds like you ended up with a nice win/win outcome :)

    Glad you kept pushing and didn't let the (quite frankly terrible) dealership take even an inch!
  4. Jamesyboyjim


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    haha nice one mate! you didn't take any of their rubbish, fair play to you!
  5. Demon


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    Well done OP for sticking to your guns... My parents Audi A1 had the Nav button that made it look like it had Nav, but just popped up a message to say it wasn't a valid function or something.. I can easily see how you'd get in the situation of thinking it had Nav.