Scorpio Black RAID performance?

26 May 2009
Hellos, i've recently bought a Dell XPS 1730m laptop and will be upgrading the storage on it, i'm planning to go with a pair of 160GB WD Scorpio Black drives in RAID0 but im terrorizing myself over the performance, from the benchmarks i've seen the Scorpios in RAID0 should have slightly better performance than a 300GB Velociraptor which sounds good, but I hear the a Samsung F3 outperforms a Velociraptor which makes it and the Scorpios look bad. Im confused and scared lol.

At this point I should mention that SSD's are not an option, I would need 128GB minimum to store all my games/apps and thats out of my price range. I have a WHS for storing all the crap so the laptop will just house the OS/applications/games.

My desktop system currently uses a variety of SCSI drives all of which outperform a 150GB Raptor and im having no problems atm with drive induced lag or stuttering and on paper I should see a performance increase by moving to the Scorpios (because when striped they beat a 300GB Velociraptor and that destroys the old 150GB Raptor) but I know that the VR300 cant compete with a X25-M so now my mind is doing a "A is good but B is better which means A is rubbish" thing, can somebody set my mind at ease please :(