Screen Tearing Issue

8 Jul 2017
Hey folks,

Need to borrow some of your wisdom here. This all started just the other day and I've spent since then trying to work out what's wrong.

To start off, I'm using a GTX 970 @ 1530MHz and a BenQ XL2411 144Hz monitor.

Now ever since I upgraded to 144Hz I've never had screen tearing issues but they've now come back to haunt me, rather suddenly too. I mostly play games like BF1, OW, and most recently No Mans Sky.
I don't think the tearing has been going on for long. Noticed it with NMS to begin with and so I updated my drivers (I deliberatley stay a few updates behind, cause reasons) and nothing changed. So I checked my other games and they were just as bad. I've now had to turn on v-sync on all my games, which i never previously had to use. My frames have always been 70+ on most games, except NMS or PUBG and the likes.
There was a stage where turning V-sync on made no difference and I can't quite remember what I did exactly to get it to work again. But what I really want is to be able to go back to having v-sync off on all my games and to be able to play without screen tearing but I can't seem to avoid it now. Also tried rolling back my drivers, but to no avail.

Side note, I am planning on upgrading my gpu to a GTX 1080 Ti and perhaps my monitor later on to an ultrawide, but I have a feeling that wouldn't fix my issue anyway.

To summarize, I'm all of a sudden getting pretty bad screen tearing in all my games and are forced to turn on V-Sync when before I never had to and was able to play flawlessly on my 144Hz monitor :/

pls send halp
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