1. MrMarvelous

    Road to Vostok - Hardcore single player FPS on an open source engine

    Searched but didn't find a thread on this game. Running on the open source Godot engine. From the breif time i've spent with it is seems quite graphically impressive. I've posted some of my own screen shots at the bottom. Info below: Road to Vostok
  2. mohsenalsaffar

    3090 under performing

    Hi there i need some help with my setup i currently have a : Cpu : i5 11600k Gpu: msi trio x 3090 MB:gigabyte z590 Ram:16gb 3200 Ssd/HDD: not sure 1 m.2 2 hdd Psu:Gigabyte P750GM 750W Gold 80+ monitor :1080p 144hz my case is : corsair 220t Ok so when i first upgraded from a 1080 ti to 3090...
  3. Piscator

    Another New Build!

    Hi Everyone, I asked for some advice a couple of years ago for advice on a new build but then came Covid & Miners! Hence to say it got shelved until now so I'm looking to build or buy a gaming pc for about 2.5K. I'm aware there's some deals to be has on GPU's at the moment so I've been looking...
  4. Mr Arky

    Bad performance for my build

    Hello, I'm in need of help with my current setup. Specs: Motherboard - Asus ROG Strix Z490-F Gaming Gpu - Nvidia EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra CPU - i9 10850k Memory - 64GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3600Mhz PSU - Corsair RM850x 80 Plus Running at 2560x1440 Windows 10 User benchmark...
  5. Matkinson

    V-Sync Off - Games feel choppy.

    Hi, Attempting to play CS:GO or TF2 with V-Sync off, and getting 300fps+, the game feels choppy, almost like it's at 30fps (no tearing though). I'm guessing this isn't normal? As I don't see how anyone could play without VSYNC ON otherwise in first person shooters. This is a bit of a...
  6. Josh Waterson

    Massive FPS drops

    Hi there, While playing Fortnite, I get really bad FPS drops. If I'm playing at 60fps, I often drop to the 40s and occasionally as low as the 20s. I've tried a bunch of things: update nvidia drivers uninstall and reinstall nvidia drivers lowered my Fortnite settings remove Discord overlay...
  7. Bufo20

    Low fps on 3070?

    Hi guys I'm playing games like gta V and getting low fps 50 - 70 and new world 30 - 70 l, does anyone have any advice the specs are: cpu: i5-9600k RAM: 16gn corsai vengeance 3200MHz (single) Hard rive: seagate firecuda 510 m.2 500GB PCI express 3.0 NVMe & seagate 1TB baracuda GPU geforce rtx...
  8. Andreas1994

    Upgrade Help for improved FPS

    I have a two year old PC. It suffers from random FPS drops when I'm playing warzone. I feel like this could be resolved with a GPU but i don't know which or whether i can upgrade something else given the GPU issues globally atm. My build is below, i just upgraded the memory to 16gb corsair...
  9. Paulinho

    FPS Issue GTX 1080

    Hello all, I am having this issue where i cannot increase my framerate in games. I mostly play warzone and get around 40/50 fps with the below set up on low to medium settings within the game. Specs: CPU: i5 8600k Mobo: Gigabyte Z370P D3 Ram: 16GB DDR4 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080 8GB HDD: M.2 SSD...
  10. BurrisYT

    Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI

    I am looking to upgrade my CPU currently have a 6600k. I was wondering if the z170xp-sli would support a newer CPU of course still with the LGA1151 socket or would I need to upgrade the motherboard also. I am looking to gain more FPS in Call of Duty which I believe is more CPU intense. I have a...
  11. Scott33

    GPU upgrade for maxing 1080p gaming at 144fps ?

    I have a RX580 currently. Looking to upgrade to max out 144fps on 1080p games. In getting 70-100fps on COD at some high settings. Also is it possible to overclock my CPU easily to a 3600x without buying a cooler ? I have 16 GB 3000mhz ram. Ryzen 3600 GPU. 650w gold power supply. Asus b450f...
  12. 3080guy

    How to get most up to date frames from graphics card in FPS games?

    My monitor supports 144hz I target 100-144 fps when setting up a game/adjusting VIDEO settings. In games, there are often limiters we can set. Moniter refresh rate FPS cap I assume I will get the most up to date frames by setting the in game monitor setting to 144hz. But what about the refresh...
  13. callum2308

    Looking for upgrade and gaming advice.

    So ill be playing games like gta v, and ill be fine for a few hours but then randomly, ill freeze for around 2-3 seconds, and as it happens my fps sits at 1 then it all goes back to normal and that will repeat for ages, I found out it wasnt a software issue as I factory reset my pc, so at the...
  14. Matthew Lowe

    Underperforming 3090?

    Hi there, I today received my MSI 3090 gaming X Trio and I have noticed almost 0 improvement in my pc performance FPS wise. I upgraded from a 2080ti which I know won’t make a crazy crazy crazy difference but for example in warzone my FPS didn’t increase at all and stayed at the same 100-130 FPS...
  15. BlueDragon94

    RTX 3090 FE scores lower than reviews

    Hi All, So I recently finished my build and got some time yesterday to play around with my PC. I noticed right out of the box, my RTX 3090 FE was underperforming compared to the benchmarks/scores people have posted to forums. Here my PC specs: CPU: Ryzen 5900X (Stock) Cooler: NZXT X63...
  16. 3080guy

    Help me YouTubers, I have lots of game/system/config questions

    Recording gameplay is new to me - Ive got a few questions Im hoping you guys can help with, please :D 1) What is recommended as a popular, robust and easy (possibly free) to use software for capturing game footage with 2 additional cameras as well as the game footage. Do I need something better...
  17. Stein

    Buying a gaming PC

    I’m wondering if anybody can help me... I’m debating whether to buy a gaming pc or a PS5. I have a 144Hz, 1080p gaming monitor so if I was to buy a PC I’d want one that could run Warzone at ~ 144 FPS. If anybody has any recommendations of pre-built, good quality pc’s with that type of...
  18. Rachmaninoff

    Micro-stuttering / hitch & Frametime spikes issue

    Hi everyone, I want to share an issue I have since a long long time ago. This issue has obsessed me. I've tried everything to solve it and, although it got better, is still there torturing me and preventing me from enjoying gaming. The issue is some kind of micro-stutter or hitch that freezes...
  19. Disco_P

    Call of Duty 17: Black Ops Cold War

    Came Out 13 November 2020. https://eu.shop.battle.net/en-gb/product/call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war Teaser: Reveal: Launch: PC Features:
  20. callum2308

    Gaming fps drops/freezes

    I will be playing games like gta v and fortnite and ill then randomly freeze for around 2-3 seconds, audio cuts out and it goes to 1fps and my ping rockets up to around 300 then comes back down. Iv completely wiped my pc multiple times and the problem still occurs, when im playing i get around...
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