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Secure erase free space on an SSD?

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by Sumanji, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Sumanji


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    I've done a fresh Windows install on a PC that I am passing on to relatives, but want to make sure the SSD is completely wipes of my files.

    The drive is a Crucial MX300, but the utility won't let me "sanitize" the drive.

    Is there any way to securely erase all the free space from within Windows? I assume this will be enough to remove all traces of my files.


  2. postmanfw


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    Ccleaner has a built in drive wipe tool :)

    Just set to wipe the free space obviously :)
  3. zola25

    Wise Guy

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    Sdelete can clean free space.
  4. Danny091

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    Get the latest free version of partedmagic simply put it on a flash drive and boot from it, run the internal secure erase command. This is the best way for ssd's as it also resets all the bits and trim info, and can recover performance too.
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