Setpoint and Catalyst Inompatability Issues on Windows XP 64bit?

21 Oct 2002
Ive been running 64bit for about a year now, and im loving it. Driver support has been excellent and all of the supported hardware works properly.

Until now....

I bought a G5 last week because logitech have great support for 64bit software + drivers.

I ran the latest setpoint software from logitech (247 64bit), all went well until it was installed, i got an immediate error with CLI.exe (ati catalyst software) something about _malloc, cant recall as ive removed the driver.

Originally i thought it could be the .net fix screwing up, so i uninstalled that, but i still got the problem, also catalyst needs .net.

So it seems to me that catalyst has a problem with setpoint, as ive removed the setpoint software and everything is fine, i just cant fine tune my mouse :(

Can anyone offer any advice on this, or whether theyve experienced the same thing?

22 Mar 2006
On one of my systems i'v got xp64, g5 mouse with the logitech setpoint and an x1900xt with cat 6.4 and have had no such problems!

Not really sure what the problem could be sorry but I thort i'd let you know that it should work together :)
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