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Shocking Amazon delivery service

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Salty22, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Greebo


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    Thats nothing. We had DHL delivery at work one day and he couldn't be bothered to drop the roller shutter door on his way out and a parcel fell off the back of his van. It contained a brand new top of the range iphone.

    ANother time I was expecting some very expensive high end headphones to be delivered at work. Didnt arrive and checked tracking which showed it had been signed for but name meant nothing "Simon". On checking with courier company, driver said he met a bloke in the car park at my work offices wearing a Man Utd shirt who said he would sign for it! I pointed out that could have been anybody and they didnt even need to work for the company I work for!

    The best was my father's delivery of a new chainsaw. No card or delivery so checked with online merchant who contacted the delivery company who said driver had left it on his front door step! So they sent him a new one free of charge. 3 months later he goes into the greenhouse in his front garden and there was the original chainsaw!
  2. Salty22


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    My house is easy to get to in a big town, but in a kind of weird position.
    There's a long main road and my house is on the side with the odd numbers, my houses address is as being on this road, but my house is actually one house down one of the roads that joins it if that makes sense?
    So if you go down the main road the numbers are like 19, 21, 23.......27, 29, my house is down the turn off but easily seen from the main road.
  3. Salty22


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    To be fair to Amazon they are normally great round here.
    DPD are of course, the gold standard (im on first name terms with my DPD guy hahaha)
    Hermes and Yodel are the ones i dread and do things like this regularly at our house.
    Ordered my wife a Harry Potter Xmas jumper a few years ago and they threw it into the back garden with my 3 dogs (who back at EVERYTHING so he knew they were there) who then proceeded to tear the parcel apart (cant find a photo of the actual jumper but they ripped an arm off it lol)

    Another Hermes nightmare i had was an LG tv i ordered last year turned up like this:
  4. NoobCannon


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    Amazon “delivery”

  5. lnoton


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    Guess it's a localised issue.

    Our Amazon delivery guys and girls are awesome. I even get same day now on some stuff. They always turn up and have time for a quick exchange of hellos.

    We've had a couple of issues in the last few years, but all sorted out real quick. They even let me do cross shipping, probs because I buy so much stuff.

    If the above happened to me, I'd jump on webchat and let them know id received it and that he must have misplaced it. But that's because Amazon, time and time again put me, the customer, first.
  6. freddie64

    Wise Guy

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    He lost your parcel and was driving round to see if he could find it.

    Thankfully Royal Mail came to the rescue. (who'd have thunk it. :D)

    To be fair, Amazon, RM and DPD are great in my area. If i can't get these delivery services i try to use Collect+.