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SSD capacity < OneDrive capacity

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by billysielu, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. billysielu


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    I'm repurposing my old i7 920 PC to give to my mum, to replace her old Core 2 Duo PC.

    She takes a lot of photos, and uses one of my OneDrive family licenses. That gives her up to 1TB of OneDrive.

    At the moment she has 1x 1TB Hard Drive with everything on it. I don't know how much OneDrive she's used at the moment, trying to find out, but for arguments sake, let's say it's 500GB.

    The i7 920 PC has 1x 250GB SSD with Windows on it. I don't want her to clog that with OneDrive, so I need to add another drive purely for OneDrive.

    I have a 120GB SSD just lying around, but that's probably smaller than the amount of stuff she has in OneDrive. Would OneDrive just fill it and crash, meaning I'd have to buy a bigger drive anyway, or would something smarter happen?

    She's super stingy, so much so that she might even choose to keep using the Core 2 Duo over the i7 920 if I start telling her there's a cost for buying new drives.

    I'm aware I could repurpose her existing 1TB Hard Drive, but I'd like to get all this sorted before I drive to the other end of the country to deliver it. So if I was going to use a 1TB Hard Drive I'd just buy a new one.
  2. spolsh


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    It's yer mum, so, just buy a new drive.
  3. CaptainCrash

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    The current version of OneDrive downloads files "on demand" by default, so it won't download anything until you open a particular file or select "always keep on this device" for a file or folder in the context menu - this is for exactly your kind of situation, i.e. devices (phones, tablets etc) with limited local storage.

    Having said that, you might want to move her OneDrive folder to a 1TB or larger local drive anyway and sync the whole lot, just for the warm fuzzy feeling of not having her data reside solely in the cloud.
  4. billysielu


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    Location: Oxfordshire

    Yeah I'll do that then, ta.