Strange SSD results.

10 Nov 2006
I got a series 5 Samsung laptop around Christmas time, an I5 version with windows 8. After messing with 8 for a while, I decided I still liked win 7, so rather than formatting the windows 8 drive, I decided to try my first SSD. The SSD I bought was a Verbatim 128gb. I was fully aware that it was only sata2, but it was on special at £39, and for that money I thought it was worth a try.

All has been good since January, but recently I have noticed longer than normal boot times, and long, long installation times of various software.

I downloaded AS SSD, and looking around the internet and after looking at reviews of the Verbatim drive, the benchmark suggests something is wrong..

I have updated he Iastor driver, chipset driver etc. I was also careful to make sure bios was set at AHCI during the fresh install of Windows 7 pro. The drive is only half full, And I really don't know what to make of the results. I am getting no crashes or errors in windows, just poor performance, and even that's intermittent.

Although not shown in the picture, I have tested using the latest RST driver direct from intel (IastoreA), and its made no difference.

Any help would be appreciated :)