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The Coronavirus food recommendations thread

Discussion in 'La Cuisine' started by VincentHanna, Feb 28, 2020.


    Wise Guy

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    I spent £125 on non-perishable stuff yesterday, all stored under the bed, nothing will be wasted as it's stuff we would have usually anyway, so will get used up over time when this thing blows over.

    It's almost just like shifting the spend forward.

    I also have a chest freezer and stocked that up a bit, we are a family of 4 and I reckon we could go easily 3 months now, provided the water supply doesn't stop, which I can't see happening as a result of this anyway.

    I think under normal circumstances just from having things in the house we generally have maybe a months worth of food in the house.

    If you really had to you can live on rice and beans and multivitamins for a long time.
  2. SupraWez

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  3. jpaul


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    Will the fast food industry be the first to suffer here ?
    - don't use takeaways/coffee-houses/eats companies anyway, but potential for, contamination on packaging/food seems greater than cooking from scatch.
    Italians bars, still open, in the 'zones', apparently, have to exclusively give at table drink services.

    but you pay over the odds, not waiting for deals, or online bulk purchase with free postage
  4. dowie


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    Placed another order now - though this time it is not the essentials so much (got plenty of rice, tuna, canned and frozen veg etc..) - did decide to order some more oats, UHT milk etc..

    But rather I've figured that if at some point in the future I'm mostly avoiding going shopping then some of the other non-essential stuff is useful to have too - would get quite boring quite quickly otherwise. So have got some of the bulk buy boxes of crisps, chocolates etc.. that I'd maybe buy at Christmas anyway, one big tub of glacier mints, some long life orange juice, apple juice etc.. small things like having a few extra bottles of tomato sauce, mayo etc..

    That stuff replaces the sort of odd things I might grab in a regular shop that I hadn't planned for etc..
  5. chroniclard


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    Well it forced me to clear out all the old crap thats been in our cupboards for years, so now I have space for more stuff. :D
  6. chroniclard


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    Gonna check my old camping stove still works/has gas! :p

    Wife found the stocking up amusing, bitch wont be laughing when I have food and shes hungry.
  7. Little_Crow


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    It's certainly Middle-Class-ageddon out there. Found this E-Mail from Ocado last night while wondering why there was a lack of delivery slots:
    I'm not especially worried, but it certainly looks like this has got people really spooked, even more so than Brexitageddon.
  8. TheOracle


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    absolutely brilliant :D

    only in the 1st world can someone put dishwasher tablets down on their survival kit list
  9. Psycho Sonny


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    don't need to buy anything. i already have plenty of food to last a month or two if i needed to through normal shopping.

    as for milk you can make your own. from oats, nuts, etc. so you have a fresh supply available if like me you have a 10kg bag of oats from bulk powders. all you need is a muslin and water.

    got 2 cases of irn bru in the garage. the original recipe.
    a case of craft ginger beer the australian stuff.
    a case of san pellegrino.
    bottles of various other fizzy stuff. cases of soda water and several cordials.

    food wise got massive bags of rice. pasta, etc as normal. got case of beans, chopped tomatoes, pizza flour, yeast, etc.

    in fact i reckon i could last 3 months easy and i've not panic bought anything.
  10. chroniclard


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    oh ffs, forgot those.
  11. Dave M


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    Checked the kitchen cupboards and freezer and tbh I could do with the shops being out for 2 weeks to give me a chance to use some of this up - it's crazy what I found, some of this is years old!

    I did get a few boxes of uht milk and a couple extra toilet rolls. I've got plenty of teabags so that's the essentials covered.
  12. Bickaxe


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    I have a chest infection at the moment (I blame public transport) and work with people that go overseas a lot so I can't risk catching/spreading anything so I've been on a self imposed quarantine for the last 5 weeks anyway but its finally started to clear up so I nipped into Sainsburys earlier after reading this thread and they have no Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, the loo roll was only what was left at the back of the shelf which most people can't reach and there was hardly any dried pasta left.

    On the plus side, I got some avocados and eggs for breakfast tomorrow and some more pasta flour because home made pasta tastes better.
  13. NickK


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    Surely 40%+ alcohol to remove the virus oil coating.. looks at the whisky stocks.. cheaper than antibacterials at the moment :)
  14. Felix


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    Got to be be 70% +
  15. MikeTheNative


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    Absinthe should be good.
  16. robj20


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    We usually have a good stock of food anyway so just made sure it's full.
    Things like baked beans we buy 12 tins a time.
    Rice we buy in 10kg sacks, same with flour.
    Chickpeas, kidney beans.
    It's just part of buying lots from Costco it comes in bulk anyway.
  17. Beerbaron


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    Assuming you cant catch another strain of it.
  18. Darkpassenger


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    Just drink alcohol I haven't seen anyone drunk with the virus yet .....cure maybe
  19. CaptainRAVE

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    Got a delivery booked for next weekend. Will focus on long life food. Went out this morning to pick up enough soap, paracetamol and toilet rolls to last ages. Pretty stocked with food anyway. It did make me laugh to see the fresh fruit/veg isle empty :D
  20. SPG


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    Nothing, if the UK get`s that bad i would probably kick your front door in, steal your stuff oh and smash your front window for effect.

    Middle class armageddon for sure.