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The Greatest Official BOINC FAQ

Discussion in 'Team OcUK Distributed Computing Projects' started by MDPlatts, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Raithmir


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    Special Projects - Non resource intensive

    Crash Collection http://winerror.cs.berkeley.edu/crashcollection/

    Ever wonder why your machine crashed for no apparent reason? Researchers at U.C. Berkeley's Recovery-Oriented Computing Group are gathering data to find out! Join Crash Collection to send us data about your computer.

    Resource Measurement http://winerror.cs.berkeley.edu/resourcemeasurement/

    What idle resources are available on your computer while you are working? At the Recovery-Oriented Computing Group at U.C. Berkeley, researchers are collecting statistics to measure resource availability.

    Break the forum! http://boinctest.axpr.net/

    Not an actual BOINC project as such, it's just testing out changes to the forum code.

    Account Test http://isaac.ssl.berkeley.edu/cplan/

    Again not an actual BOINC project as such, it's just for testing out the account creation process.
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  2. redroses


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    For the best results and maximum gain we want to run the Science Applications for as much time as we possibly can. If your computer has no work, it is not doing anything advantageous to either you or us. Many machines can do multiple Work Units in the course of the day and may not have a constantly available connection. Even with "Always-On" connection there are always outages. So the best thing to do is to download enough work so that temporary outages, or the lack of a connection in the case of a Dial-Up Participant, we get a little extra work to smooth out the bumps in the road. :p
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  3. syed2012


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    Thanks man, cool info.
  4. daztrouk


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    Do many people still do seti ?
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  5. Biffa

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    Millions of them:

    1,198,852 users
    2,936,313 machines
    59,270 teams

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  6. satanicguardian

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    Biffa - remember my other thread about my second rig crashing with both cpu and gpu running, do you know if there are any other ways of running my gpu slot at Full but my cpu slot on a lighter load, I want to see if it's the cpu being maxed out that's causing it to crash.

    How on earth did this end up in here - can a mod delete please :)
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  7. Biffa

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    I've not had crashing with that sort of setup, just slowdown of the GPUs

    If you look at CPU usage when folding you can see how much it uses, and how much memory.

    You can use some tools to allocated threads to the GPU and threds to the CPU for Folding processes, we used to do that in the past.

    You may also need to buy more memory to enable the rig to handle both tasks.
  8. sahartech


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    You can stop the script with the command "/etc/init.d/boinc stop"
  9. Biffa

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    Should update itself