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**The Massive TFT Sticky - FAQ, Links and Buyers Guide**

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Baddass, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Hanko


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    Very well written and informative guide.

    However (there is always a However) I don't get this with the different panels :confused:

    I even read the link you posted about more info, but I am still not clear which of the panel technologies to choose.

    For sure I won't be buying a TN-film panel (I had quite a few of those) even if I found them pretty good in the past. (I will probably get the Dell 2408WFP)

    but what is better for a 50% gamer 25/25% office/internet/movie consumer?

    MVA, MPA, IPS, and so on..

    I think it would be great if you would bother to give some recommendations to panel usage for different scenarios.

    Thanks and regards,
    Finish troll living in the UK
  2. Cosimo

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    Screen sizes and Dots per Inch (DPI)

    I stumbled across this guide when looking for a new monitor and wanted to know whether the text size would be comfortable to read. Hope this helps:

    From the notebookreview forum:

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  3. ekam


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    thank you this helped alotttt Tanks for another great thread nice1
  4. Jonny Wright


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    It's good list but when it says 1x Analogue input, 1x DVI Input. Like for this monitor:Here.

    What is the analogue input?

    Is it a green, blue, red, input like on an xbox? (HD)

    Is it a yellow, white, red, input like for a SD source?

    Or is it something else?
  5. Baddass


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    guys sticky updated for 2010 :)
  6. semi-pro waster

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    Comprehensive as ever, nicely done. The pictures at the top don't appear for me though, I'm guessing you've moved/deleted them from your website?
  7. Baddass


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    I'm gunna fix those tomorrow :)
  8. akistzortzis


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    Just to add some colour to the ... colour depth discussion. It is believed that the human eye cannot detect gradation differences in any of the primary colours, red, green and blue, if those gradients are more than 256 (or thereabouts). In other words, if you draw a red bar across the screen, and if you divide it into 256 parts, and if you assign each part a brightness value between 0 and 255, then what you will see would be a continuous bar changing from black to bright red without any bands. If you do not have 256 brightness levels at the hardware level, then you will see bands. By counting the bands you can deduce how many colours you really have on each primary. Usually you can cheat on blue, as the human eye is less sensitive to it, and allocate your bits to the red and green. In any case, if you can allocate 8 bits of brightness to every primary colour, the total would be 2^8 * 2^8 * 2^8 possible combinations, ie 2^24 = 16,777,216 colours.

    The article above says that the manufacturers play tricks in order to produce colours by flicking between colours etc, I think all that would deteriorate the screen, after all flicking the pixel from one colour to another will steal from the total time the pixel has in order to draw itself.
  9. Bozebo


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    brilliant read thanks.

    Hey, does anybody know if ultrasharps are covered for "mura type 3"? Mine has always had it. Then again, I've never seen a monitor without any "mura type 3". Also I always thought it was backlight bleed :(

    Analogue is the VGA connector, digital is the DVI connector. Though some monitors could have component analogue input - which is what you are confusing it with - they probably aren't very good screens. Red green and blue is for composite HD, which some TVs have, it is not as good as HDMI or DVI as it is still analogue (I think). White red and yellow is composite SD; white + red are stereo audio whereas the yellow is the video signal, though digital audio can be sent through the white+red I think. Generally monitors will only have DVI, HDMI and VGA, other connectors are added in for compatability but few people will or should use them they are simply not as good, DVI and HDMI are king ^_^. HDMI is essentially DVI except with capability for audio too, most people will use DVI for their monitors even if they could use HDMI, I don't see any downside to using HDMI but it feels really "consoly" so I don't like it :D
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  10. Zaim


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    Thanks for the guide m8
  11. chaosquall


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    very nice guide
  12. Assassin_012


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    nice guide....thanks
  13. perry081064


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    good guide

    really helped me to choose mine.

    thanks for the infos
  14. sam16dec


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    thanks for the guide :)
  15. jasonjax1


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    thanks... this is a useful guide.. i`m thinking of getting a tv for the bedroom..i.e. not a puter monitor but a tv... i got one for it last year and i hate it as i can`t see anything on it apart from only the one angle..... so i`m getting a new one and with this info hopefully get a good one :D
  16. Flashheart


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    Thanks for the efforts here, nice guide
  17. Baddass


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    sticky now updated and improved for 2012. looking to add more info as well, so please shout if there are suggestions or ideas on things people would like to see added!
  18. SFFNoob


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    Don't remember seeing this sticky mate, thanks.

    Will BM it to read when I've the chance!
  19. flyinmunky


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    Great guide, has been very helpful.
  20. Baddass


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    it's been here for many years, but i update it annually :)