**The Massive TFT Sticky - FAQ, Links and Buyers Guide**

16 Jun 2019
Leek staffordshire
thanks for this thread Baddass. I currently use a 60hz 4k (primary gaming PC - currently tend s to be occupied by my son until Sept when he goes to Uni) and a 60hz 1440 monitor (on my secondary gaming machine - that I like the resolution and size and faster fps despite using a less capable gpu).

However I have started to get tired eyes and head at night and so will be reading this thread and links to look into things like blue light reduction and flicker free etc.
6 Feb 2004
Norfolk Broads
Q. So Which Is The Best TFT To Get?

This question pops up ALL the time! It really depends on what you want the TFT for, how much you want to pay etc. Performance varies with different panel technologies and with different specs. Check out the TFT Selector Tool which will hopefully help you decide on the screen which suits your needs.

Can't get the tool to work. Tried changing all sorts of options but no joy.

Any chance of some monitor suggestions based on my selections?

Price range: Below �500
Size of monitor: 25 - 27 inch
Aspect Ratio: Don't Mind / Other
Ultra HD or 4K Resolution Required?: yes
Panel technology preference: No preference
Colour Space preference: Slightly extended
Primary use will be: Photo work and Editing
Secondary use will be: Office / Internet
Variable Refresh Rate Preference: NVIDIA G-sync
Functions specifically needed: Not bothered
I'd want 27" plus as far as size is concerned. I have a MSI NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB 0CV1 GDDR5 Graphics card and would run it off a DP cable (?). Would expect 5 years trouble free performance.
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