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The official Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP Thread

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by dan^uk, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Weazle

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    Digging up an old thread but it seems the best place for this question. ;)

    I've got an OCX268 A01 revision and when I use the "Game" preset everything appears to be washed out. I can't seem to get the brightness or contrast settings right. It this because of the "Game" preset?

    I want to use the "Game" preset because of the reduced input latency for Counter-Strike: Source .... but then I still want the colours to be "colourful" if you know what I mean. Anyone got any advice on this?

    In the end, to watch movies (got a bluray on my PC) do I need to switch preset modes?
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  2. dandare


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    Follow this blurb below - i did and i liked the the results. The "mode" you use will have no effect on input lag. Cheers.

    "Firstly I calibrated the screen using LaCie's software suite while also changing the monitor to the 'Custom' preset mode, affording me access to the RGB colour controls. During the calibration process the screens brightness was adjusted to 20%, with contrast being left at 50%. RGB values were altered to 92, 90 and 98 respectively."
  3. Phoenixdancer


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    hey all.

    Just to throw this out there...

    I asked Dell to replace my A00 with a A01 due to input lag so they did... 3 monitor replacements later i actually got what i asked for... BUT they sent two x 2408wfpb today instead of one! So i gave the guy my old 2407wfp :p

    Turns out Ones a A01 Refurb and the other says A02 with a A04 sticker ontop??????

    I didnt think there was an A04 monitor version of the 2408wfp?

    All in all im a happy bunny that i have 2 new refurb 2408wfp all less then 7 months old :) = lots of warrenty left lol