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*** The Official WWDC 2020 thread - Keynote 22nd June at 18:00 BST ***

Discussion in 'Apple Software' started by Feek, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. HACO


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    Virtualisation works seamlessly because of modern techniques of passing down instructions immediately to the processor, i.e. no software binary translation. This isn't available on the ARM mac platform right now, it might become available in the future though as core x86_64 patents expire this year.

    Apple said there will be mac specific processors, and I'd expect them to have multiple ones (likely 2 or 3 main SKUs, but more with some cores/cache disabled) for their Macbook lineup. For the desktop lineup I expect even more cores.


    iPad Pro processor for Macbook Airs
    8 big, 4 small cores for Macbook Pro (lower end) with integrated Apple GPUs
    12 big, 4 small cores for Macbook Pro (higher end) with dedicated AMD GPUs
    32 cores for iMac with dedicated AMD GPUs
    64-128 cores for Mac Pro with multiple dedicated AMD GPUs

    MacBooks will be upgraded every year alongside iPhones and iPads, but the desktop processors might only be upgraded every 2 years.
  2. ic1male


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    I'd forgotten about that. I remember using the old PowerPC Pear emulator to try out Mac OS X on a PC donkeys years ago. That was horrendously slow.
  3. Armageus


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  4. JGBR

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    It was a historic day, the end of the SJ era, the ios-fication of Mac - as long predicated - and the Mac will be dead as it once was, reborn, who knows...
  5. ChrisD.


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    Do we have a Big Sur thread? I have it running in a VM. Got a few issues but overall I like the new look. I wasn't sure about it from the screenshots I've seen but it does look much more modern.
  6. Feek


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