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The thread which sometimes talks about RDNA2

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18 Oct 2002
Same reason I'd suggest people do the same with any product release, we've been shown marketing material, not independent test data. I'm sure AMD won't have lied, but they'll have put their best foot forward. If the cards are great (and the marketing suggests as much), then give us a day to see independent reviews, find a review that matches our system and gives us the information needed for an informed decision. I mean I'd be annoyed if I bought an RX6900XT to discover that my processor bottlenecks it in my preferred games such that I might have just bought a RX6800X, or maybe if I realised too late I needed the RX6900XT to get enough horsepower for certain games at 4k, but I've already bought an RX6800X.

If you're buying a £1000 gpu and are bottlenecked you're doing it wrong. More over no one should buy a 6900xt anyway for the most part because it's 50% more for 10% more performance same way a 3090 is a joke of a card 125% more is it for 10% more performance.

The reality is anyone peeing money away on those cards will have a top end cpu anyway. Regardless most people buy a gpu to match their resolution and are unlikely to become cpu limited in most games in most situations.

Again though these are things you can figure out before the launch and without a review. If you only play at 1080p and you only play certain kinds of games then you're never going to max out a 6900xt, or a 3090, or likely a 3070 or 6800.

As for putting their best foot forward, in what situation is say AMD going to be competitive in Borderlands 3 but 30% slower in another game. They'll be a few percent faster than Nvidia in one game and a few percent slower in another game but we all know that, you know that the second you look at benchmarks from either manufacturer. I've yet to see a card in 25 years in which a gpu is super competitive with the competition in 5 but only 5 games and it's closer to a mid tier card in almost all other games. Games are too easily made parallel and for the most part too easily utilise a gpu. Either you have performance or not.
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