Total War: Arena is back [2021]

27 Jul 2021
Greetings together,
I would like to briefly introduce you to a small niche game called Total War: Arena.
You may ask yourself: Total War: Arena? A total war that I don't know yet? Hasn't that even been discontinued?
Yes, the game was on Steam many years ago and was only bought from there by Wargaming (WoT, WoWs) and then sold to Baochaon Games in China.
The community is not big, but it remains stable and familiar.
The game principle is always the same. Instead of a large army, you play 3 units of a faction (Romans, Carthaginians, barbarians, Greeks, Chinese, gladiators).
In a match, 10 players a 3 units of different factions meet on the field and fight for control points or even the enemy base on historical locations (Thermopylae, Marathon, Teutoburg Forest and many more).
You play different classes (from infantry to cavalry, through archers to the mighty Carthaginian war elephant) in combination with the greatest generals of the time,
who provide you with unique skills.
Similar to a World of Tanks, the troops are divided into tier levels from I - X (1-10), which influence matchmaking accordingly.
Overall, however, it has to be said that the game is more suitable for casual strategy than for hardcore strategy fans.

Total War Arena is also available completely free of charge, with Premium you can unlock the units faster, but thanks to various events, such as x2 EP weekends or Free Premium,
you can get a fresh new unit in good time.

Getting into the game is not the easiest, e.g. you have a Chinese launcher, but thanks to our community, we have explained almost all the important things in detail and in a beginner-friendly manner. (The game can be switched to English).
The communities and player groups are very well networked with one another and the developers regularly listen to feedback from fellow players, including EU players.


A few gameplay videos:

Installation guide:

Have you played Total War: Arena before? Are you completely new? Do you need help or english, german, (latin xD) instructions? Looking for teammates?

-> For questions, write me a message in Discord: Julianator#7520


See you on the battlefield :)

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