1. Julianator

    Total War: Arena is back [2021]

    Greetings together, I would like to briefly introduce you to a small niche game called Total War: Arena. You may ask yourself: Total War: Arena? A total war that I don't know yet? Hasn't that even been discontinued? Yes, the game was on Steam many years ago and was only bought from there by...
  2. DwarfWomen

    Old DIY Gaming PC Build - Upgrade for strategy gaming?

    Hi, I got a pre-built custom gaming PC a while ago. Here are the specs: 64-bit OS (Windows 10) Storage: ST500DM0 02-1BD142 SATA Disk Device (500 GB) RAM: 8GB Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series Processor: AMD FX(TM)-4100 Quad-Core (3.60 GHz) Storage has been the main concern, so if anyone has...
  3. silvagti

    Sega Announces Valkyria Chronicles 4 For PS4, Xbox, And Switch Yay, finally we get a new turn-based strategy Valkyria game that isn't a PlayStation portable exclusive, Japan-only release or a second rate spin-off RPG. Shame it isn't announced for PC as of yet but at least...
  4. SkeeterUK

    X4 Foundations

    At xcon the 26th august, egosoft showed through their stream on twitch their new game x4 Foundations. Seems a step up from x rebirth with new map with a lot of functionality where u can control ur empire from, give commands from, and more. Fly any ship now. Etc..
  5. NeoWave

    Phoenix Point - new strategy game from X-COM creator Julian Gollop

    Julian Gollop has posted a link to a teaser trailer for a new strategy game he & his studio are working on; Phoenix Point. It is reportedly in the X-COM style but the enemy aliens physically evolve in response to players' actions via procedural generation; sounds interesting. Trailer: Link to...
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