Transfering windows from HDD to SSD

29 Jul 2009
Hi my friend just got a Dell XPS and is looking for the most painfree way to clone windows and the bloath over to the ssd

He was looking at a
128GB Crucial m4 2.5" SSD with Data Transfer Kit

with the idea that the data transfer kit would enable him to transfer windows pain-free from the two hdd's currently installed in the system to the ssd and then replace both of them with said SSD.

Is this idea feasible?, and if it is, is it the most convienient method?

We have been unable to find a data transfer kit on the overclockers website, is this because this method is not commonly used?

Any help with this matter would be most appreciated.
19 Aug 2011
It's really not worth it.

You should do a re-format from time to time anyway to get rid of all the bloat PCs pick up, installing your OS on a new drive is the perfect time to do it. Just back up anything important, format both hard drives and do a clean install onto your SSD.

If you do just want to install Win on a new drive, I think that's possible by booting from the Windows disc. You can install it and select that drive as the default boot drive. It'll leave Win on the old drive too though. I can't remember though because I've never actually done that.
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