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UEFA Champions League/Europa League 7/8/9 May *** Spoilers ***

Discussion in 'The Football Stadium' started by Cosimo, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. omnomnom


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    Perhaps the then Arsenal chairman who was on the UEFA executive committee at the time should have raised a concern...This isn't the first time a player wont play for their club because of this, its happened to Liverpool this season for eg. The reason the venue should be changed is because no one is able to get to the bloody place.

    Where are you drawing a line? Wasnt this Mikhitarians decision?
  2. mysticsniper


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  3. Marvt74


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    Yeah seems to be. I'm not sure i really buy it. Feels like he's making more of a political stand.

    If the country are willing to give him a visa, i don't imagine the locals could give a crap what nationality he is!
  4. Yas786


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    Yes it was his decision solely even after the ambassador personally guaranteed his safety. Not sure what else he wants them to do but this is all on Mhiki tbh.
    Don’t think he will be missed either on the pitch.
  5. jonneymendoza


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