Upgrade current SSD? Any improvements

30 Oct 2014
My laptop at the moment runs a 128gb ssd, and I'm running out of space and it's slowing down. I can delete certain files but will there be a big difference in speeds if say, I get a 500gb ssd, or does it just come down my processor and laptop.
28 May 2015
Hey there, lawrence281.

A larger SSD does not guarantee a faster system. It could improve things if it's a "faster" model. Although running out of space on your SSD could slow things down. That's why I'd recommend that you check out this article and give it a go with some of the suggestions (if not all of them): https://www.maketecheasier.com/12-things-you-must-do-when-running-a-solid-state-drive-in-windows-7/. Note that even if it says Win 7, those options are still viable for the newer versions as well.

As you've mentioned the processor has a big role in the system's performance as well as the rest of the laptop's components, like RAM, GPU, etc. So besides trying out the suggestions from the aforementioned article, you should check the temperature of the CPU. Laptops are notorious with overheating after you've had them for awhile (especially if you have a pet) and a basic cleanup every now and then could improve the performance.

Hope that helps.
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