Views from a crane

2 Nov 2004
That's pretty cool. I've been thinking about heights over the weekend, since I have been up some.

I've come to the conclusion that I am not scared of heights as such, but I can be scared of falling if I don't trust my shoe and hand grip.

Also, I was coming down from perhaps 300m in the rain and slid flat onto a large flat rock. I had always been wondering whether it would be exciting for something like that to happen, a drastic touch and go moment where I lost my grip and I was in the hands of the Great Magnet for a few seconds (I would have fallen approx 30m onto huge scree below if I hadn't caught something) - it turns out such a thing isn't fun, its just stressful.
Man of Honour
5 Jun 2003
That looks like it could be quite fun. I certainly love heights and you must have some nice views. i know someone who does that for a living too but he also takes his laptop up with him and does some software programming or database programming or something like that whilst up there and waiting. Apparently you have a lot of control over the site as it's your call if it's too windy etc..?

It's an interesting job - never thought you'd be in the line of work if I'm honest! How much training did you need?
18 Oct 2002
Stupid question, what happens if you need a dump or a ****? Do you have to come back down?

Don't swear! FF.
1 Apr 2004
GF bought me a one hour flying lesson last Valentines day....

I've been too (much of a wimp) to book the day.
I hate heights.

Under real pressure now as the voucher is only valid until Feburary. Gulp.
9 Apr 2004
Nr. brumijum
Deadly Ferret said:
That was the other side of the water from me, about a mile and a half away I think. I can see Battersea power station quite clearly from the crane.

What you call the cockpit, Monkee, is known as the cab. I go up a series of ladders that run right through the tower and slew ring, then jump out onto a platform in front of the cab's door. I have a shortcut on this site: climb up the scaffold stairs the builders use to the top of the building, then jump onto the crane about 35' from the top so that I only have to go up three ladders. :)

When you say jump you don't actually mean jumpjump?, I.E pass through the air at height?.. :eek: :eek:
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