What are the advantages?

3 Aug 2005
Inquisitor said:
Yes, but remember, you shouldn't just be aiming to get an XHTML compliant page. Your ultimate goal should be to have a clean, semantic, cross-browser compatible page, and I'm sure the code produced by ImageReady could be improved on a lot in this respect :)

If you're going to go to the trouble of producing an XHTML compliant page, you might as well make sure it's as clean and efficient as possible. What's the point if you're just going to get to make sure it validates and then leave it at that?
You, sir, have hit the nail on the head. The one thing that irritates me the most about web standards is people who proudly proclaim their websites conform to these standards, which they do, but at the same time totally misinterpret the points behind the standards. Making all your tags lowercase and adding 'alt=""' to all your images isn't going to make your website more user friendly, more accessible or turn over any more profit :rolleyes:
12 Jun 2005
/\/\j17 said:
XHTML Traditional... or Transitional? :)

This is a local web page. None of your "modern" XHTML here, we are Traditional!

Ughghghgh, FrontPage. Burn it! Burn it!

I find it hard reading off a computer screen unless I send about 3 minutes on each word, so I make things up to fill the gaps :)
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