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What are you listening to, GD?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mushy Peas, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. scrivz69

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    Location: York

  2. NVP


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  3. Feek


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    And there's a 'now drinking' thread in La cuisine as well but there's my Friday booze thread in here as well. This is fine.

    At the moment, I'm listening to Blondie.
  4. HecFam


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    I get this song stuck in my head for an average of maybe 3 months every year or so. Still love it.

  5. wez130


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    Fair enough.

    I'm currently listening to Domased Electronica - Dark Ramara

  6. neviditelny

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    I saw Heilung at the Roundhouse in November it was soooo incredible energetic gig, I was buzzing for a few days afterwards :)
  7. JonnyT

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    Location: Cambridge

    Thanks to MOTD2's Goal of the Month last night:
  8. Karl


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    Location: UK

    I spend most days at work listening to https://www.primordialradio.com - All rock, metal, etc. It's a paid-for station, but there is a free trial on the site. If anybody wanted an extended three month free trial, I could hook you up. :)
  9. bloodiedathame


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  10. Malevolence


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  11. Flaevius


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    Any thread starting with Alice In Chains is alright by me!

    I post a lot on a music forum and we are currently working through Rush's catalogue in sequence and have just wrapped up 'Hemispheres' with it's closing track La Villa Strangiato. Featuring one of the classic solos:

    Listening to a lot of UFO at the moment:

    And MSG:

    And Creedence Clearwater Revival's first five albums, including:

    Other albums regularly on the playlist at work over the last week:

    Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
    Hole - Pretty On The Inside
    Massive Attack - Mezzanine
    Queensryche - Operation:Mindcrime
    Sweet - Desolation Boulevard
    The White Stripes - De Stijl

    Just shy of 20 albums purchased this week, plenty of other stuff to get through.
  12. SexyGreyFox

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    The bloke I work with at the hospital has been to see these plus bands like Eluvietie and other bands in that genre.
  13. Malevolence


    Joined: Oct 21, 2011

    Posts: 14,481

    Have seen Eluvietie a couple of times myself. Have all their albums too.
  14. SexyGreyFox

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    Joined: Mar 29, 2003

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    He even went to Scandinavia to watch Cellar Darling, think they have the same girl singer.

    but I've got him into Ghost.
  15. Eurofighter

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  16. ianh


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    Location: Saudi and occasionally Stoke.

    Jeff Waynes War of the World: The New generation - It just shows that this "the new generation" of singers and musicians chosen to remake Jeffs vision aren't as good as the originals as this is just awful. I'm a massive fan of the original, seen the live show 3 times, got the DVD etc and yet I barely made it until the end of "the Coming of the Martians" before switching it off. Marty Pello as the Voice of the Journalist is massively off key, Will Stapleton has zero charisma as the Voice of humanity, Liam Neeson felt very flat as the Narrator and yet worst for me was that the Black Smoke Band (my favourite part of the Live shows) sounded bloody awful with no punch or drive to the music and some really terrible sounding new electronic drums* etc.

    All I could think of was the Godfather meme of "look what they did to my boy" and I'm sure if Jeff listened to both back to back I'm not sure he'd be happy with the latest version (despite 'having' to release the New Generation).

    * I'm a drummer who uses electronic drums (custom Jobeky/Roland TD-12 setup) so it's not an "electronic vs real" issue for me, just bad sound choice.
  17. Digital X


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    I'm addicted to these as of late.

  18. Al-Ectrician

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    Twenty one pilots - Stressed out
  19. DXP55


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    Don't listen to much these days - me hearing is so bad I need hearing aids and problem with them is everything sound tinny - in fact awful - I watch TV with wifi headphones on so don't have to turn TV up loud and it does sound reasonably good.
    I do miss HiFi though. Quality sound.
  20. EGuitarStar


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    Just some of the tracks I'm listening to at the moment. I guess all of them are fitting for current times.