What the hell? (SSD Problem)

1 May 2007
I seem to be having very little in the way of luck with just about everything right now, didn't exactly need this to add to the list of problems.

Bought a Crucial M4 256GB SSD a couple of weeks ago without a problem to replace the stock 500GB WD Scorpio Black in my laptop. Took a backup of the WD drive before doing a clean install of Windows 7.

Just a short while ago I needed to restore some of the data from the backup, so I mounted the backup as a drive to restore part of the data. The laptop decided to BSOD and upon rebooting declared "No operating system found". Booting up the Windows 7 install disc shows that the drive is functional, but has lost the partition table and all the data.

Not seen anything like this before, but should I take this as an indicator of a defective drive and RMA it?
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