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Will a 4G filter solve my interference problems

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Taxboy, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Taxboy


    Joined: Jan 25, 2014

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    Thanks for that. Unfortunately I don't have a suitable length of lead. I don't think its an amplifier problem as the TV upstairs is working well ...famous last words. I've just been notified the attenuator is on its way so will report back soon
  2. edGfaCTor

    Wise Guy

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    I wouldn't go back to that guy you have been using he sounds like from the way you have described it someone who is trying to make money of you it's cheeky to charge someone call out when they have had work done not long ago.

    Did he even go through the frequencies to check for signal in each location of your home?
  3. lucid


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    Location: Cheshire

    Thanks for the background info. Always useful.

    I am more reassured knowing he had a proper meter.Still slightly puzzled though why it wasn't used to do some diagnosis work. When metering at the TV points the target is 55dBuV, but anything from 45 to 65dBuV will generally work without issue.

    Your installer was right though, house builders nearly always seem to use the worst quality coax and aerial ancillaries for their builds. Maybe they figure what the eye don't see then the heart won't grieve over? It's stupid short-term thinking when the difference in price on a whole house install is less than £30. That's a drop in the ocean against the price of a new house.
  4. varkanoid


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    Just been reading this with interest. When you mean the TV is working well upstairs do you mean it has zero interference yet the TV downstairs has the interference ? If thats the case sounds more like the TV downstairs doesnt like the strong signals ?

    I have a BT TV UHD box and and BT TV HD box. On certain channels on the UHD box particularly on the HD channels I was getting breakup. However the BT HD box was fine. So I did a lot of googling and turns out the BT UHD box does not like strong signals. Sounds illogical doesnt it. It was at 100/100 (same as your 10/10). So I bought an attenuator from Maplin which has a variable gain on it so I can turn it up/down. I turned it down so my UHD box was registering 70/70 and the breakup disappeared. So I slowly turned it up as I was interested to see how high it would go before breakup. Around 92/93 it re-appears. So I turned it down to 90 and there it has stayed. I suspect you may have the same success.

    Although saying that it could end up being the age of the TV and if you buy a new one the problem will go away anyway.
  5. Taxboy


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    Thanks for your input. That's exactly what's happening so I'm hoping the attenuator I was recommended on here will sort out the issue.

    To get the purchase of a new TV past the senior financial controller I need to get this issue solved first. I have to agree with her that it doesn't really make sense to splash out a not inconsiderable sum on a new TV (plus new DVD player) if you can't even watch ITV. If I at least can get this working I can then move on to phase 2 which is moving the BT recording box downstairs, which I think will require the use of power line adapters..... but that's a whole new issue. Don't you just love technology ??!!!

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