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Will a club outside the big 4 ever win the title again?

Discussion in 'SA Archive' started by marl, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. chesterstu


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    He is a cup manager. He doesnt understand the dynamics of the prem. He showed that with his Everton are a little club comment
  2. Oakesy2001uk


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    oh dear!

    The squad is capable of beating anyone, and it was built on a budget! now with a little money in the mix it is very foolish to rule liverpool out over the next few years. very foolish indeed!

    Benitez has shown he is an absolutely world class manager, and up there with the best, is there even such thing as a cup manager! what he did in spain in the league was quite impressive! Managers who are not world class dont win the champions league, or the FA cup. They don't beat the top teams in the world!

    Man utd, arsenal liverpool and chelsea are the only teams with a chance of winning the prem in the next 3-5 years at least!
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  3. chesterstu


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    Look at what Gelliete has done with his US teams, you're not getting that much money. On a budget? look at the other teams in the prem, LFC have hardly been on a budget.

    Joe Royal won the FA. Is he a world class manager? TBH, LFC are a cup team.

    We will revisit that point after the Barca game
  4. Gilly

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    Agreed :)
  5. wassap


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    I cant see anyone outside the top two winning the EPL in the next 5 years, not even arsenal with their wealth of talent.

    Liverpool and arsenal, just havent got the consistensy.
  6. rayb74


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    Ok we are bigger !
  7. Anders0n


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  8. ojo


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    Okay :)
  9. abruzz1


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    I don't see any team outside the top four winning the title any time soon. Chelsea's success has short term written all over it, Liverpool don't have the quality I'm afraid, but their record in Europe is one of the best in the league at the minute. I even think Man Utd's success this season has short term written all over it, Arsenal imo are the only team that is really building for the future, the youth in the team will be there for years to come.
  10. WushuMaster


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    In the short term there are no teams outside that top four capable of challenging for the title. In the long term though, of course a team outside the top four will win at some point. Times change, and if one of the top four lose a manager and dont replace well, it could open up a place for another team to enter the fold. History tells us that the teams on top can and will fall from the top at some point or another.
  11. Stag


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    I agree but today football is a different kettle of fish to even 15 years ago. Money talks, club loyalty has been shown to be second to the pound in the last 10 years. Nowadays a clubs success is proportional (how much is arguable) to their financial clout. Where as its true that expensive players doesn't guarentee success, with more and more money big clubs can afford to have £10m flops and still be successful.

    Outside the current top 4, I can see a group of clubs with ambition and potential that could make the step up. But that will only be sure to happen if one of the big guns falls or we have another Ambramovich situation, ie money no object.

    In my somewhat biased opinion Spurs are the current leading club in the nearly men. The league might tell a different story currently but by the end of the season I can see Spurs in the top 6. They have a solid foundation of both infrastructure and quality young players, to compete at the top a new or expanded stadium is a must. The financial side of the investment is not the biggest hurdle, rather the location: redevelop WHL prefered solution but with poor transport links to the stadium any expanision will be crippled.

    5 years time, Spurs with a newly developed WHL and Klinsmann at the helm will win the Premiership! :D