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**** Yodel you useless ******* *****

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by antijoke, 22 Dec 2017.

  1. Rannoch


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    Next year nick all the stuff :D
  2. Diddums


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    Where's the punchline? Wtf is this? Your punchline delivery may as well be done by Yodel too. You're dead to me :mad:
  3. Dav4


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    The majority of delivery companies are unreliable and especially leading up to Christmas. Just go the store and buy it. I just don’t get this fascination with online shopping when most people could just pop to the shops and back instead of sitting at home waiting all day and wasting there time only for it to not turn up at the expected time. You end up wasting even more of your life re organising another time to wait in for them.
    I’ve heard loads of people moaning in work about the same thing. You can see how busy the roads get at Christmas with traffic and bad weather with a highly stressed driver that probably has a hundred parcels to deliver yet they expect there parcel to turn up on the dot.
    All these parcel delivery drivers are just making our roads more congested and dangerous due to them rushing round and not having any lunch breaks on 10hr shifts
  4. sigma


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    So... One of the parcels that I referred to earlier has turned up.

    Apologies for the update but I did chuckle when it arrived :) the other is still delayed though.
  5. bushmins


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    Sometimes people at work get their personal goods delivered, the delivery will always come through me or someone who works in my department. Yodel often say they tried to delivery 'but there was no one about'. We are open 24 hour a day 364 days a year and manned on xmas day by security. Yodel are the only delivery company stupid enough to not deliver and we get delivery's from many, many different couriers.
  6. 413x


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    Waiting to pay day for me means you are spending beyond our close to your means for Christmas presents. Never would I do this. Especially if it was for a friend.

    But Christmas is different for different people.

    Push buying presents into last week you are taking a risk.
    Never had a problem with any particular courier. For example had a problem with DX this week, but my fault for pushing my luck.
  7. Flubble

    Wise Guy

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    i had something ship all the way from china, traced through half the world, got into the hands of yodel never to be seen again lol
  8. atpbx


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    If you did a ship to shop request the handset wont let him POD the parcel off without a QR code from the handset in the shop.

    However, seeing as he took the parcel to your house, he must have over rode the S2S request when he loaded it up so there shouldnt have been an issue in delivering to your house,

    If you put the request in that day and it was after he left the depot, then that delivery is just removed from his handset for the day and sheduled for an S2S delivery for the following day.

    So...... something wasnt right with it.
  9. fastwunz


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    So much this.
  10. Em3bbs


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    How does one van with 100 packages cause more congestion than 100 people driving cars to Argos or somewhere?
  11. Diddums


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    Same here. Yodel deliver loads to us, our building has 2k people in it, the loading bay is big enough for multiple 7.5 ton trucks to enter at once, our security is manned with 4 guards every single minute of every single day year round. Yodel had someone doing holiday cover who tried this trick, the office manager of one of our tenants rang them up and explained that the last time someone wasn't in was 17 years ago when the place was a construction site. The goods were delivered less than an hour later.
  12. ShiWarrior


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    until somebody cottons on and starts nicking them ?
  13. new boy


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    Yeah, its a risky strat for sure, but it looks to be paying off for him thus far.
  14. Uther


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    DPD have been a nightmare for me this Christmas, with late and lost deliveries. We even had a Hermes parcel 'delivered to reception' when I don't have a reception.That took some tracking down...
    I've had one Yodel delivery, and it was fine! I always die a little inside when I realise a firm uses them to deliver though, and sometimes you don't know until it's too late.
    Without a doubt the worst ones in my experience have been Parcelfarce and I try to avoid any company that uses them.
  15. Fishbait

    Wise Guy

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  16. Pho


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    In contrast I ordered a new duvet cover set on Thursday. Wasn't expecting it until after Christmas but Yodel delivered it today (Sunday.. Christmas Eve :eek: ) - that's pretty good!
  17. Grandmaster Fap!


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    I remember a few years ago ordering a Google phone via Yodel, it was a nightmare of phoning up and ever speaking to a manager who was perplexed as to why the driver refused to drop it off at two attempts. I ended up being on first name terms with the manager and him assuring me that it would be with me within the hour, comes a knock at the door and im practically thrown a parcel at me and he walks off. Inspecting the parcel, looked like it had been ripped open and taped back up shoddily but thankfully all was well with the phone.