bios fault

  1. Monorisu301

    nvflash won't let me flash my old bios back under any circumstances. Is the card shot?

    So i flashed a bad bios to my gtx560 ti. And it displayed some weird white stuff. That was ok, i thought i could just flash it back, right? Well no, it turns out i can't flash ANY, even the backed up original bios. I have tried millions of nvflash versions, even the supposedly bypassed ones...
  2. Peik Saukonoja

    Problem with booting

    Hi. I built my first PC yesterday (all parts new) and the PC turned on nicely and I set up windows with usb flash driver and all. I updated the bios to the newest one too with flash driver and all was working fine. All up to this morning. I tried to boot up the PC but nothing shows up on the...
  3. Comben

    ‘OC’ System Crashes at Windows Logo (If it even POST’s)

    Hello OC’ers, as a disclaimer before my post, I have tried a google and forum search but I feel my question is so niche I’ve not come up with an answer. TL: DR - Is is possible a once overclocked bundle may not work correctly once the BIOS is reset to defaults? My systems was a custom build...
  4. Ben Campbell

    Gigabyte Aorus Pro B450 won't boot BIOS

    I've just finished assembling my new PC which is running a Ryzen 5 5600x on the Gigabyte Aorus Pro B450 (v1.0). I have plugged it in, and my fans are spinning, lights are on, but when I plug it into a monitor, I get no signal or any sign of response from the PC. I have tried plugging my phone...
  5. Daznatior

    Issue with my RX 580 8gb GPU

    Hi I am just posting this as i dont normally complain i can normally troubleshoot my issues quite well but today after almost 8 months since my purchase of my gaming rig my rx580 gpu randomly started its fans and they spun up to 100% and my screen went black and ever since this has happened i...
  6. Lionhart27

    Asus Maximus VIII Hero, NO BIOS?

    This is the same as the previous post, sorry for the repeat, but I need to get as much attention to this problem as possible. Unable to access the Bios. On starting the PC, in a few seconds Win10 starts up. There is NO Pre Bios screen with the 'Republic of Gamers' logo and bios entry option...
  7. marc1024

    "beeping" coming from my motherboard after graphics driver update.

    Hi there. I have just started to get an "issue" with my pc. It just started "beeping" after I installed the latest nvidia graphics drivers. It's hard to describe. It isn't actually beeping, more of a series whines in a sort of tune. It only happens after I log in to windows. If I don't log in...
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