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  1. humbug

    Arctic Liquid Freezer II CPU cooler faults

    Quite a few people bought Arctic Liquid Freezer II CPU coolers after Steve Burke from GN reviewed them very highly, and after recommendations here. I know a lot of Ryzen owners bought one, including me. Arctic have preempted a potential problem with some of them and have asked Steve Burke to...
  2. Jon82

    Cpu temp

    Hey all, I just recently upgraded my xfx rx 5700 xt to a sapphire rx 6800 xt, I also upgraded my storage and treated my gen 3 ryzen 7 3700x cpu to a new aio cooler. It wasn't the most expensive aio if I'm honest (jonsbo TW2-360 pro aio cooler) but it was to replace the amd rgb wraith cooler...
  3. josephkhb

    doing push/push aio fans

    hi guys what happened if i ptu push/push fans on aio radiator?
  4. Josh Waterson

    Attached CPU cooler incorrectly - did I damage CPU or CPU socket?

    My CPU cooler came with no instructions and I mistakenly followed instructions for an old version of the cooler online, but using the new components. To cut a long story short, there is a chance I screwed the cooler on too tight. The old components included screws with spacers inbuilt to the...
  5. Gabriel Tidswell

    CPU Cooler for i5 11400f

    Hi Building my first rig but struggling to know which coolers are best for my budget (around £40). Been looking at the following coolers. -Aerocool Mirage 5: https://www.**********/products/aerocool-mirage-5-single-tower-cpu-cooler-argb-5-direct-touch-heatpipes-60mm-pwm-fan-150w-tdp-intel...
  6. Gabriel Tidswell

    Help with RGB Addressable CPU cooler and fans

    Hi Just picked up the Tecware Forge M case which includes Tecware Orbis RGB fans and controller. I'm thinking of getting an aerocool mirage CPU cooler however I would like to know if I can connect the CPU cooler to the Orbis RGB controller to link everything together. I have only one slot for...
  7. dogma77

    AIO for 3800x

    Hi I have Lian Li pc-011 Air with 3 front and 3 side intakes What is better option performace / noice wise: AIO mounted top as exaust and 3 side intakes fans in both cases: 1. Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 with 2 front fans intakes (thanks to it's thickness) or 2. Lian Li Galahad 360 (or any...
  8. Adrian Vaughan

    New cooling setup help needed

    HI all first time poster, so sorry if its in the wrong section, i have the following parts from my old case Aorus x570 pro ryzen 3700x 16gb ram @3200mhz H100i v2 Now i have gone form a very cheap case to a new ECLIPSE P600S case...
  9. Crimmy

    R7 1700 high idle temp and stock cooler upgrades

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to solve a bit of a problem. quite a bit of the time my R7 1700 (with stock wraith stealth cooler) is idling at 10% usage (if I'm browsing the internet etc) but the cooler fan is often at 1600-2000rpm to keep the CPU at 45-55 degrees. I don't know if I'm just getting...
  10. Steven Hughes

    H80i V2 One Fan RPM

    Hey everyone, I'm currently running my Corsair H80i V2 with one fan (case size constraints). I'm thinking the fan is way too loud and want to replace it with maybe a Noctua fan. Only trouble is a lot of the fans are 1500rpm MAX. Having just one fan on my cooler rad, how high of an rpm should I...
  11. oldmangamer

    Alpenfohn Brocken 2

    I have just installed this monster onto my system. My question is......should both fans be spinning or is it a trick one where both spin up when the temps rise? I've only ever had single fan CPU coolers, not twin.
  12. RLC

    CPU cooler on a MS-7826 motherboard

    Hi guys, I've got a MS-7826 motherboard and need a new CPU fan for it. Can anyone recommend one? LGA 1150 I tried fitting a stock Intel one but the mobo looks like it has a special mounting hard installed into it. It has screw holes at the points where the pegs would normally clip in and that...
  13. LukeMurtagh1995

    Air Cooler vs AIO CPU Cooler

    Hello all, I am looking to get a new PC case and with it a new CPU cooler. I have always gone with air cooling in the past and currently have a Noctua NH-D15. I initially thought of swapping it out for a beQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 as I think I will prefer the all-black aesthetics of the beQuiet...
  14. LukeMurtagh1995

    Replacing outer fan on beQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 4.

    Hello all, I am thinking of getting the Dark Rock Pro 4 to replace my current Noctua NHD-15 as I prefer the dark look of the former compared to the brown look of the latter. Since I'm not a fan (no pun intended) of having RGB all over my case I was thinking instead of having just one RBG fan...
  15. LukeMurtagh1995

    CPU Cooler Clearance

    Hello all, I am thinking about changing my PC case to the Fractal Design Meshify S2 and I will also be getting a beQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 to replace my Noctua NHD-15 as I will probably prefer an all black cooler. My question is this: will there be any clearance issues with my LPX Vengeance...
  16. 25zerotwo

    Heat issues with H45 AIO cooler, since changing mobo

    Greetings all. I have had chronic issues with an old motherboard and have hence had to replace it with a new to me board. Since moving to the new board, I have had real issues with cooling. I've previously used the Corsair H45 cooler for 8 months with temps where they need to be, but now with...
  17. silk186

    ID cooling FROSTFLOW+ 280 or Corsair H115i refurb?

    The ID cooler has good but very limited reviews, the H115i is a refurb. These are similar price, which is better?
  18. DogDeluxe

    Water Cooling Failure???

    Hi, I purchased a complete custom PC (£1500), pre-built, from OC about 3 or 4 years ago, but I've had my first fault, that appears to be the water cooling system, and wondered if anyone could help! My PC's CPU / water cooling fans ramp up very high and stay that way, about 2 minutes after...
  19. LukeMurtagh1995

    CPU Cooler and Top Exhaust Fan Airflow Question

    Hello everyone, I had a quick question and wondered if anyone more experienced than I could help. I was planning on building my new PC with an air cooled Corsair 780t case. My plan for cooling was to have three Noctua NF-S12A 120mm fans at the front and one same fan at the bottom for intake...
  20. flyinmunky

    CPU Air Cooler for Intel 9/8700k that will not block Gskill Trident RAM?

    Before i buy case, cooler etc need some advise please :D The case will be Meshify C or phanteks enthoo pro m. I had a decent deal on Gskill Trident 3200mhz 16b so bought them. Height 44 mm / 1.73 inch Processor will be 9700k or 8700k depending on prices. Mobo will be Asus Prime A (if 8700k)...
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