1. Steveo-1986g

    Need a case fan upgrade

    I bought six be quiet! Silent Wings 3 120mm case fans in November 2020 and two have recently stopped working so I figured I may as well replace all six. What would be a solid upgrade for these fans? Not too bothered by price. Got around £250 to spend, maybe more if required. I have a Lian Li...
  2. LewisN2

    Lian Li XL - 3rd Rad vs 3 intake fans

    Ok guys, so i was wondering if you could all give me some advice I have a Lian Li XL with Bottom Rad : 1 X XE (intake lian li 120mm fans on) Top Rad: 1 X PE (exhaust lian li 120mm fans on) 1 Intake fan at the back of the case (blowing air into top rad) what would be the most beneficial for the...
  3. P3tray

    4 case fans - what do I need and where?

    Hello geniuses, I want your expertise. This is my first build using cheap parts and the performance & quantity of stock fans are shocking - why do they bother including them? I'm looking for full set of case fans for the H510 Flow, my GPU is currently thermally throttling with the stock two...
  4. P3tray

    4 case fans for "MSI Mech 2x 12GB 6700xt OC" & "H510 Flow"

    Hello geniuses, I want your expertise. This is my first build using cheap parts and the performance & quantity of stock fans are shocking - why do they bother including them? I'm looking for full set of case fans for the H510 Flow, my GPU is currently thermally throttling with the stock two...
  5. KarmaChang

    Uni Fan SL140 V2 Availability

    Hi everyone, Looking to replace the 140mm fans in my PC after the New Year and the new Uni Fans seem to be the most likely candidate. I can only see the 120mm fans listed on the site, will the 140mm version be sold on Overclockers? Thanks,
  6. Nellio


    I currently have a custom build, it does everything I need it to but the fans have been come increasingly difficult to live with. I was thinking of putting my build in a be quiet 601 and exchanging my spluttering cooler for a Kraken z63. I need it as close to silent as possible as I'm an...
  7. Envy78

    Optimal Fan positioning

    Hi everyone, I just bought 2 new 120mm fans for my pc as I was going to create a push pull configuration for my 240mm radiator. However I wanted to check with you guys on here that my fans in the optimal positions. I currently have 2 front intake fans that push air though my radiator into my pc...
  8. Changesx

    QL120 or Lian Li SL120? Let’s settle this debate

    Which one gets your vote?
  9. Dave Stubbs

    Lian-Li AL120 chaining cables sold separately?

    So I've ordered a couple of packs of the AL-120s, anything to reduce the cable clutter, but I don't see any cables listed as included that allow you to daisy chain fans together, only the click together method. What I have in mind is my putting triple sets on my 360 rad and in another in the...
  10. djdelight

    Liam Li AL140 fans going to be in stock?

    I see OC has the AL120 fans in stock… are they likely to have the 140mm version - AL140 - any time soon? -l120 version:
  11. Darrenx92

    Pwm or dc mode help

    Hi guys, Ive installed some corsair sp120 elite fans. Now do i have to adjust the speeds or leave the speeds which is defaulted from motherboard?. My other question is on the bios my fans are defaulted as dc mode. However im sure my fans are pwm? Does this matter or should i change my fan...
  12. Darrenx92

    Fan speeds after installation

    Hi all, So ive just installed my first ever fan set up. My question now is do i need to adjust the speeds of the fans in the bios or any settings? Or does this automatically run? I jave breifly looked but didnt want to change settings im unsure of. I see there is an option to select fan smart...
  13. Darrenx92

    Meshify c fan placement

    Hello all! I have a meshify c case and have just purchased some new rgb fans for it. In terms of intake and exhaust what is classed as best, i did get six fans but im thinking maybe thats abit overkill considering the case has generally good airflow anyway. Ive seen a few posts for this case...
  14. Darrenx92

    Adding rgb fans help

    Morning guys, Im looking at adding some new corsair icue sp120 fans, ive not been a pc owner for a long time so my knowledge on this sort of stuff is not the greatest. But how do i go about connecting this? Do i need to make sure my motherboard supports these. I really am useless at this. I...
  15. Cavs

    How to get Corsair Carbide front fan lights illuminating

    Hi all, I just setup a second PC from some old parts into a Corsair Carbide Delta case with 3 front RGB fans. Everything works except the illumination of the RGB fans.... Now firstly I have discovered I have an old Asus Z87-A mobo without RGB headers (my bad for not thinking about this) I...
  16. Gabriel Tidswell

    Case fans change speed in BIOS but full speed in OS

    Hi I just built my first PC. Everything is working fine except I'm having a few issues with connection between my Gigabyte B560M motherboard and Tecware Orbis fans and fan controller. Currently the BIOS doesn't detect any system fans but changing fan settings for header 1 does control the fan...
  17. jonisvipr

    CPU fan in exhaust mode?

    So I've recently finished my new rig and went from full-atx to mini-itx. The only concern I have with my build is that the fan of my Noctua NH-U12S CPU cooler does not have enough clearance from my corsair 2x16GB RAM on the motherboard. If I try to install the fan as an intake, it pushes the RAM...
  18. Gabriel Tidswell

    Help with RGB Addressable CPU cooler and fans

    Hi Just picked up the Tecware Forge M case which includes Tecware Orbis RGB fans and controller. I'm thinking of getting an aerocool mirage CPU cooler however I would like to know if I can connect the CPU cooler to the Orbis RGB controller to link everything together. I have only one slot for...
  19. Robbie_G


    Hi, Looking to get a deal and save some pennies then why not check out the clearance section on our website or just click here. As part of a forum deal I'm looking to open up my b-grade sections to offers. A lot of prices are reduced heavily already so if I can't match the offer I will...
  20. ik9000

    MSI X570 boards fan control + temp sensors

    @MSIUK Support @MSI-Guru or anyone else who knows: Hi. Does anyone have a good guide for how to set up fan control on MSI x570 boards? I'm trying to get a sensible noise level (without risking overheating) and struggling to know how to link the fans against the various sensors on offer: I've...
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