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  1. Teacake

    First Build

    I have recently gotten into PC gaming and I brought the 6750xt eagle but I am unsure what components would work best. I do want a Wi-Fi motherboard Case that would be easy to work with Budget 500

    15yrs old looking to build my own PC for under £1000 any tips

    So I have never built a PC before and am hoping to build one for gaming. I have resorted to asking for any tips and advice on what to do. I'm not sure on what the best things for such a low budget could be. If anyone could put forward some good recommendations and maybe even a shopping list lol...
  3. ChloeLouCaine

    Need Some Quick Advice From Experienced Builder Please

    Can someone who's experienced and knows about PSU and their ports and cables/connectors help me with this ORANGE COMPATABILITY ISSUE its showing me. I am new to building and just learning the ropes. I have compiled my setup using this link below and its giving me a compatibility warning which i...
  4. els1122

    Nvidia GeForce RTX vs other companies RTX eg. Asus, Palit

    Hiya, I'm looking to build a PC and trying to decide on which graphics card to buy. I've decided on the RTX 3070, however confused on the difference between the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 and specifically the Palit GeForce RTX 3070 8GB JetStream GPU. I don't understand the difference between...
  5. els1122

    Building first PC - storage advice?

    Hello, I am building my first PC with the main purpose of using it for 3D Animation (modelling, rigging, animation and a bit of rendering), and a secondary purpose of some gaming and am looking at which components will fit me best. I'm very new to this so have been doing some research and for my...
  6. FinlayC

    First time builder seeking compatibility advice!

    Hi! I’m a first time builder who purchased a B450-f gaming motherboard and a ryzen 5 3500x. However, I have only just been made aware of a compatibility issue with bios. Will this become a problem when I finally get a graphics card and complete the build? Thanks in advance!
  7. FinlayC

    Would these parts be compatible?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me make a decision about a graphics card. Last year around may I managed to get my hands on all the components to build a pc apart from one: a graphics card. Thanks to scalpers I have only just found one a year later. I just want to be certain that it would...
  8. Stephen Farrar

    Advice Required

    Hi, New to the forum but was advised by a friend to ask on here about building a new gaming PC. Although i've been gaming for a while i have never built a PC before and if i'm being honest even though i know the basics of PC components, my knowledge is infact pretty small. I have a budget...
  9. LexMcKay

    New to PC gaming advice!

    Hi everyone, Have been using a 6y.o laptop to game on (have always been a console gamer) but since the power connector went on that, I'm looking at a new setup, either laptop or PC to game on. Should I go for a laptop over a PC? And if I go PC should I buy components separately or buy a pre...
  10. Jack Perkins

    Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX

    Hi All, Just wondering what everyones thoughts are on the above before I invest in one. Many thanks
  11. Jack Perkins

    Tips on buying PC parts

    Hi guys, i am looking to build a PC, so i am wondering if i should buy the parts as and when i have the money or save up and get it all at the same time?
  12. Mike Wilkinson

    Console convert needing help!

    Hi, I've always been a casual console gamer and was debating the PS5 but have been convinced to make the leap to PC instead, plenty of research done at a time that seems to be exciting with new releases and competition, but with that come so many questions. I want to use the PC for gaming AAA...
  13. Mr Dan Dan

    Building my first PC

    I know the new AMD CPU range is coming out soon but if I could get a few suggestions on a PC then I can add some of the components to a wishlist and when they hopefully get reduced I will buy then. I have a budget of around £1200 but don't mind spending a bit more for the right build. I'll be...
  14. Verkai

    £1000 budget to build a gaming PC, what should I get?

    Let's start off by saying, I have NO clue about PC's, but I've spent a few hours researching components and learning how to build one from youtube videos, I have a budget of £1000 and these are all that I've chosen (for now) Memory: CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600 £85 Power...
  15. sinkorswim

    Hi looking for advice/help on my first build.

    Hi new to the forum and will be trying to do my first build. Already have all the peripherals plus 2 x HDD's and was wondering if people could give comments and suggestions on what I am thinking for my build. Not build a PC before, would welcome comments/advice, on a budget but also like it to...
  16. JamesOfTheWeast

    First time building a PC myself. Looking for advice / opinions

    As the title says this is my potential build and just wondering if there's any glaringly obvious problems that I haven't noticed? be quiet! PURE base 500DX - Case AMD Ryzen 9 3900X - CPU Gigabyte Aorus X570 Elite - Motherboard Corsair RM750 - PSU Sabrent 1TB Rocket PCIe 4 M.2 - SSD Corsair...
  17. Ben1991

    Newbie PC Build Info For Editing

    Hi all, Firstly, apologies as I know there are a lot of different posts regarding new builds on these forums and I have read quite a few but I couldn't find specifically what I needed so here it goes... I've never built a PC before but I have worked on them all throughout my various jobs so...
  18. Matt_West_Mids

    New AMD Build Approx £2,000 budget help please!

    Hi All, This is a bit of a reboot of an old thread here: I now have the funds at last, so looking to build something over the next couple of weeks hopefully, I understand now isn't the perfect timing to be...
  19. Kimble

    New to builds, advice needed

    Morning all, Recently I've been interested in PC building. I have minimal knowledge but really want to get into it and give it a go. Im not fussy on what the first build can do as long as it turns on and operates as normal. It is more a test to see that I can do it then I'll go onto better...
  20. MythEnvoy

    Important: Is this system capable?

    I am going to build my own system and want to be certain that what I've got planned will work so I don't meet future problems. Could someone maybe look over this system to see if it all fits together. I've looked up on the website of all manufactures to see if they fit together and for what I...
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