1. Orion_3

    Katana V2 + Creative zen Hybrid Pro?

    Good morning I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for a soundbar for movies and productivity, and headphones for gaming. That's for my new PC build. My budget should be about 450. I was thinking to buy the katana V2 and using its SXFI mode for the headphones. I would like to buy wireless...
  2. Changesx

    Which Headphones do I go for?

    Hey everyone, hope you’re all well Need some help deciding which headphones to go for. I’ll mainly be using them for FPS games and in general gameplay The ones I’m considering are: - Steelseries Artic 7 - Astro A40TR - Cool Master MH752 - Senheisser Game One Ideally I’m not looking to...
  3. chuck990

    Spec me some wired headphones (please)

    Hi all, I've started a new job here there is a requirement that any headphones be wired and have no microphone (so no ANC also). I've got 3.mm, USB-A and USB-C as options to plug into. Having only really used bluetooth headphones for quite some time, I'm hoping you might have some suggestions...
  4. zMusky

    New Gaming Headphones

    So I'm currently using a Razer Kraken which surprisingly enough for Razer had lasted me nearly 3 years! However, it's time for an upgrade since I've recently invested in a focusrite scarlett 2i2 and my Kraken won't work on the amp due to the headset having a mic. I've been looking at...
  5. FoxEye

    DAC/amp to improve a pair of 599s

    I've tried asking this on several audio forums and all but one banned me "for asking questions as a new user" (seriously!) which apparently is a big no-no on audio forums. These places sound like a lot of fun. The only place that didn't immediately ban me is ASR, who seemed friendly enough :p...
  6. PJM

    Complete novice looking for headphone help

    Hi, first post so be kind . I'm looking for headphones that I can use on both PC and xbox. Would prefer wireless but I'm not stuck on that. Budget is less than £100. Any advice would be welcome as my head is bursting trying to make sense of the review sites. Thanks
  7. btu

    Need advice on buying headphones!

    Hi! My current headphones recently broke and I'm looking to replace them, but I'm not sure what headphones to buy! I'm looking for a pair of closed-back headphones, aside from that nothing else fancy, just closed-back, comfortable, and very good audio if possible. Hope you can help! Thanks!
  8. hardyxd

    Replacing gaming headset with Headphones/dac+amp/modmic advice

    Hi All I am wanting to replace my Sennheiser PC360. I had the GAME ONE before, but my now wife, hoovered the cable a few years ago before crying. with some better headphones+modmic. I have been doing plenty research but keep going round in circles. Looking to get v moda boom pro or modmic 4...
  9. Guest2

    Headphone ear cup size

    I have never bothered with headphones because they have always made my ears really warm or just hurt. Despite reviews saying "They are really comfy..." everyone has different sized ears. They can be the best sounding headphones in the world but if they hurt your ears after 5 minutes, what's the...
  10. mrk

    Would you spend £24,444 on a headphone setup?

    Well neither would I, but Linus recently got sent a stack of boxes from Abyss who claim to make the highest resolution headphones you can buy, and the whole setup is even cheaper than the Sennheiser Orpheus... I watched this with fascination, because knowing what Linus is like I fully...
  11. not_bobby_shmurda

    Help - liquid soap stuck in 3.5mm headphone jack

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum so please forgive me if I mess something up as I am not familiar with this site. Basically a van crashed into a bus stop right outside my house and I was the first one to go out and check if everybody was okay. I was on the phone to ambulance operator...
  12. _tucker_

    Best headphones for around £150ish

    I’m just looking at treating myself to a new pair of headphones to game with online with friends. I had some wireless steel series ones that was brilliant but cost around £300 and sadly after many years the mic is broke. I can’t afford to replace them with similar ones as I don’t have the cash...
  13. icey_haj

    Wireless Earbuds

    Hey guys I'm having trouble searching for some really good wireless earbuds. I'm specifically looking for ones that don't go into your ear canal but rather sit in your ear. So an example of this would be Apple Airpods, however I can't find any other alternatives to this. Any suggestions?
  14. Talasour

    Wired and wireless headphones

    Hi - I've been looking for a while on the internet for a pair of PC headphones that can function both wired and wireless as I'm trying to reduce the amount of cables trailing everywhere on my desk. Can someone suggest me a headset that is both wired (so it can be used while charging) and...
  15. Xein


    Afternoon all, I'm after a new set of headphones or a headset. Price range is up to about £100. I don't mind if they're wireless but wired is preferred. I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to audio and what to look out for so I'm not really sure what's good and what's a gimmick *cough*...
  16. cmacsky

    A coil whine problem, please take a look!

    Hello, I have been getting a terrible coil whine THROUGHT my headset for some reason. Pretty sure it is coming from my GPU since when I am in a game the pitch/loudness changes when I change my FPS cap. (When I cap my FPS at around 120 or something for example it's not that loud, but I use a...
  17. ToTheMax

    AV Receiver Dolby ATMOS and headphone question

    I'm looking to get a new 5.1 AV setup and the choices are many, but are there any which support virtualized surround headphone output (aka ATMOS and/or 5.1 processing), I'm not interested in simple stereo output. The headphone amp also needs to drive HD600's, so quality internal AMP required...
  18. sdavlaws

    Headphone Amp for HD650s

    I have been using my AV receiver (currently a denon 2300) as an amp for my HD 650s for a few years I am now wondering if they would have more to offer with a true headphone amp. So i suppose I have two questions for you all: - Would a dedicated amp provided improved sound above my AV receiver...
  19. Razorized

    Wireless headphones that support AAC?

    Recently, I've been looking for quality-sounding Bluetooth headphones and reading reviews on wireless headphones. I came across MajorHifi and I saw their review on the Sennheiser PXC 550. They seemed perfect for me, but after more research I realised that they only supported AptX (I own an...
  20. Matthew Sheridan

    Gaming headset

    Hi, i have just got into PC gaming and quite want a good headset as am just using JBL headphones at the moment, to start with i looked at HyperX cloud II's but then someone suggested the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 version 1's. I watch Jacksepticeye quite a lot and liked the look of his pair of...
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