1. Superlevure

    Heatsink mounted then re-mounted: would you re-apply thermal paste?

    I mounted a brand new Noctua nh-u12a (which arrived with some bent blades :rolleyes:) then realised I had put it the wrong way (it wasn't leaving much clearance for the ram) so I removed it, checked the thermal paste (no spill, spread evenly) and re-mounted it the right way. It didn't feel...
  2. Rockbox

    Noctua NH-D14 stock fans vs Deepcool 140mm PWM?

    My NH-D14 came with NF-P12 and NF-P14 non PWM fans, but I barely used them. Instead I used two Deepcool UF-140 PWM fans. I think PWM is what won me over, but maybe I underestimated Noctua's tuning. Also, I think they're case fans, rather than tuned to high static pressure for heatsinks and...
  3. ollie2k13


    Hello guys i have one of my screws on my heatsink blunted and im going to need a replacement screw here is the photo: https://gyazo.com/c9c23c38281df81aac1a7bdc8346b9ad does anyone know screws the exact same what i can use to replace? i also need a suggestion with a good thermal paste for my...
  4. proxyc

    Samsung 970 EVO plus - heatsink needed?

    Hi all, I've recently purchased the Samsung 970 EVO plus as part of the components that I'm putting together to start a new build. After reading some reviews about these M.2 SSD came across the info where people are complaining about the drive to run at high temperatures. Should I get an...
  5. Markire05

    Heatsink fan blade broken

    Hi I just bought my first PC system and a blade has broken off of the heatsink fan. This is causing quite severe vibrations and noise. Given the system is new (2-3 weeks old) I am getting a new fan delivered. As I am new to the custom PC scene I am looking for advice on how to replace this as I...
  6. kwg001

    Cleaning heatsink

    Hi All, Quick question, I am not sure if this is already mentioned somewhere. I couldnt find it. I have the CPU fan below. COOLER MASTER MASTERLIQUID ML120R After using it for 8 months or so, I can see there is a little build up of dust in the heatsink inbetween the fans. I am guessing this...
  7. Robbie_G


    Hi, We have officially launched our Black Friday sale so I have selected a few deals below from my groups but please make sure to check out the whole section for more deals. All pricing will not change through the whole period on products in the Laptops, Cooling, Water Cooling, Streaming and...
  8. kisserik93

    Best cooler/heatskin for Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 SSD

    Hi! I would like to buy a cooler/heatskin for my Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 SSD. What do you think what is the best choise? Please reccomend me. Thank you
  9. SmashBrown

    Zotac 1070 amp edition replacement heatsink advice.

    Hello all, Looking at getting this to replace the heatsink on my Zotac 1070 amp edition; https://www.overclockers.co.uk/raijintek-morpheus-ii-core-black-heatpipe-vga-cooler-hs-028-rt.html It does not specifically list my gpu as being compatible. Has anyone else replaced the heatsink on this...
  10. Anas Rida

    Vega 64 power on without heatsink

    Hello, So I just bought a Vega 64 from eBay for a pretty cheap price. I want to use it in a custom loop so it didn't come with a heatsink. Also I wanted to save some cash on shipping and customs. Anyway the card came in, and now I want to test it. I'm wondering if anyone ever tried to power it...
  11. mikegold10

    Liquid metal is not all its cracked out to be!

    I am heavily overclocking an Intel i9-7980XE CPU and decided to use liquid metal. I delidded the CPU and am using Der8auer's Direct Die Frame allowing me to put the cold plate of my custom water cooling loop directly on the chip silicon. The problem is that the silicon die itself is slightly...
  12. HHC

    Beginner Mistake Stock Thermal Paste

    While mounting the heat sink onto the cpu I stuck my finger right in the middle of the pre applied thermal paste circle leaving a nice fingerprint in the middle. I went ahead and mounted the heat sink as I haven’t bought any thermal paste yet. I know the stock thermal pastes aren’t great and I’d...
  13. harvey.l12


    Hi All, So I have a PC here with an I7 7700K CPU and when idle or in a game or anything stressing the CPU a little the core #1 and #2 seem to keep spiking in temperature around 20c every few seconds. See Image Here - https://ibb.co/cyXj4m It also looks like these 2 cores I mentioned are...
  14. melvyn

    Broke my RAM. Need help replacing.

    Hi. Tried to take the heatsinks off my RAM. Pulled two of the black square chips off one of the sticks (assuming that's totally knackered, right?). Need to get back up and running to maximum possible RAM ASAP. - Board is Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H. - Intel Core i7-3770K. - Current RAM is 32GB...
  15. benji182

    CPU w/ Corsair H110i gtx Overheating

    Hi all, So I built my brother a PC a year ago and he told me it wouldn't turn on so he brought it over and did the usual stuff. Removed everything and built it back up piece by piece and it appeared to boot up no probs. note: this included cleaning the Thermal paste and reseating with new...
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