1. Karl

    Spec me a .NET developer laptop

    Hi! I've currently got a Macbook pro 2017 which has reached the end of its shelf life, and I need a new laptop for work. I don't want to use virtualisation anymore like I did with my Macbook, as I do a lot of Windows dev, so I'd like a Windows machine. It would probably be connected to an...
  2. emelectrol

    Slim laptop advice

    Hello everyone, I have a thing for slim laptop, especially because I need to travel with it, but I can't find something that checks all my following parameters: - 15" or more - thin, max 0.6" (1.50 cm) - NO touchscreen, I have to work often under sunlight. The laptop will be used mainy for...
  3. Prospire

    Office Machines

    Hi Everyone, It's been a couple of years since my last build and that was purely a gaming setup. My boss has asked me to put together a price for a new computer for myself but i don't have time to get reacquainted with all the available components so I was hoping i could rely on you lovely...
  4. ssmacc

    Office Monitor ~£100 IPS or TN?

    Hello, I've got a budget of around £100 exc. and need a 24" 1080p monitor there are a few options on Overclockers, only main difference seems to be the screen type, given the monitor will be used for Microsoft Office applications what would you recommend? Cheers,
  5. Trojan Horse

    Ltd Company Home Office Expenses

    I am thinking of setting up a limited company to do freelance software work in evenings and weekends. Also to train for PfCO certification to carry out drone work commercially (mostly just real estate footage). I would need to work in my home office (second living room) and occasionally my...
  6. kiteloopy

    Power BI + Excel - Waterfall Charts

    Hi Everyone. Does anyone use PowerBI? Specifically Waterfall charts? I need some assistance with how it interprets data. From my own experiments, it seems that waterfall charts will only display combined data and I was wondering if I might have set it wrong, id like to show something granular...
  7. Nixond1

    Workstation/Home Office Build

    Hey All, I am about to set out on a home office/work station build for a family member, who will be using the system for Microsoft office, web browsing and as a multimedia platform (Netflix, Movies, YouTube, you know the usual stuff. They have a pretty strict budget of £350 but under is better...
  8. PIJ46

    Sim Machine Euro truck 2 Build etc

    Hi Overclockers. messed with pc stuff on and off for a while ex office environment refurbs etc rip them to bits swap stuff about make 1 ok home pc out of 3 etc lol PC Advice plz Budget £500+ nothing major if possible something to run office / Euro Truck / Farm Sim 2-4GB Graphics needed no...
  9. DHR

    New Office Planning & Cable Management

    So I've got a new office room, a blank canvas! I'm likely to go down the IKEA hack route but haven't firmed up selections yet, what I do know is that I'll be wall mounting a monitor and want the cables hidden away. I've done this a couple of times with TVs but that's felt much simpler for two...
  10. Dave777

    2K build for graphic design

    Hi learned forum posters. I have offered to build a PC for a friend who works from home. He uses Corel and Adobe graphic design software and needs a PC to handle big design files quickly. He can budget upto 2K inc VAT and needs a new monitor to go with it but that is a separate budget. Any...
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