1. markymoo

    Which PSU? Is 850W Enough?

    I’m currently looking at a new build. Motherboard, PSU and Memory is now alien to me 12 years later. Currently i7 2600k and Vega 56 build. I’m thinking of a 5900x and a 3080 or up card. I was looking at 850W and hoped this would be sufficient to future proof. I will only ever run one Graphics...
  2. JunglePioneer

    HELP Please!! Laptop recommendation needed.... Ryzen or Intel??

    Hi everyone, So I am starting a new job in which they have allocated me a budget of £500 for a new laptop. I will be using it for basic web base work, emails and a few programs for clients. A lot of the info will be stored on a Cloud service but I do need it to be quick and fast. I think I am...
  3. Hessian

    Recommend a 5.25" to USB External Caddy?

    I've got a 5.25" optical drive that I use quite regularly to rip DVDs and BluRays, but I've just switched to a Mini ITX case without a slot. So I'm in need of an external caddy; there's plenty of Chinese products, or adapaters with questionable claims regarding powering a 5.25" optical drive...
  4. Illuminist

    Can you recommend me my first Nvidia in 20 years RTX 2080

    Hello people, just about to join the green side for the first time in 20 years, sold my radeon 7 to get a 2080, can you lovely people recommend what is the best one to get from these :- evga black evga xc ultra gainward triple fan thing Asus Dual OC Msi Sea hawk X Inno 3d Gaming Oc Gigabyte...
  5. pete_agreatguy

    Recommend me a case :)

    Hi all, Recommend me a case; simple question; no easy answer! Requirements (must have the following): 3x 5.25" bays 6x 3.25" hdd bays (prefer to have x2 SSD mounts on the rear or other location) - Will accept 6x 3.5" / 2.5" combo if need be! ATX for M/B in size Cooling: CPU Cooler height of...
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