1. kill1978

    new games recomenditions

    Hi there what games are you all playing this weekend. Please thank you.
  2. dade10

    Hyte Y40 release date and component recommendations for first time hardline ATX build.

    Hi guys, I have just put in my order for a the new Hyte Y40 as it looks really cool. when i get it ill be upgrading from a Mini ITX (Dan A4 clone) to it. Ill be moving all my stuff to the new case including the mini ITX mother board. Some things ill be upgrading will be the PUS to an ATX one...
  3. scent_man

    Compatible storage drives for LENOVO Laptop Legion 5 Pro 16ITH6H Gaming 16'' WQXGA IPS/i7-11800H laptop (purchased from Greece)

    Hi, I recently bought the LENOVO Laptop Legion 5 Pro 16ITH6H Gaming 16'' WQXGA IPS/i7-11800H from Greece. The laptop came with 1tb storage and I'd like to expand it. I have read that I can expand it either using a SATA ssd or a NVME (I apologize if I didn't write them properly, I do not have...
  4. mgistr

    Need help choosing a new laptop. Would you recommend yours?

    Trying to choose a new laptop and I'll appreciate recommendations from actual users. Budget is under $2k. I want a brand new Windows PC with great speakers, excellent display (15" to 16" with minimum 1080 resolution), 16GB RAM (or more), 500GB SDD (or more). Would be nice if it has a...
  5. Floob

    Looking for advice on a 24-27 monitor

    Hi, I'm in the process of getting a new pc B550/5600x, but it will use a 1060 6GB card for maybe the next 12 months or so. Anyway, my current monitor is this: My use is along the lines of: 80% Home/Business...
  6. 4K8KW10

    Motor Oils - viscosity, and other qualities?

    Is it safe to use 0W-50 Eneos Sustina? Has anyone tried it and how does it compare to 5W-40?
  7. Darrenx92

    Is this build any good?

    Hi, i am looking to build a good gaming pc which will last some time (hopefully) that can play triple AAA games. i know very little about pc gaming as i have been console all my life. Ive done some research into what is high end ish. Will this build last its value? I know its hard to say with...
  8. jdear

    New to PC building - where to start?

    Former console player, looking to get into PC gaming but I have absolutely no experience with building and a very limited understanding of parts needed for PCs, let alone which parts are "better". I'm looking for some advice on where to start looking to improve my knowledge of building / parts...
  9. adpcfix

    PC Upgrade or Replace

    Hi, I am hoping for some good advice. I have one general question and then one specific related to the general. The general question is, when is upgrading a PC not the best path and replacing a system needed? Is there a price or performance point? Seems like you can always keep piecing but...
  10. dante671

    Siberia 800 Replacement Recommendations?

    Hi I've had the Siberia 800's for a couple of years now, unfortunately the joint between the headband and ear cup went and snapped last night. So I now find myself needing to replace them as it seems replacement parts are unavailable. The primary use for the headset is gaming, with a variety...
  11. Jasseh

    Looking to replace my faulty Steelseries Apex M750 - recommendations?

    I've had Steelseries keyboards since 2015, though this is the 3rd in that time due to each developing faults and being replaced by RMA (M800, M800, M750). This one has lasted the longest but some of the keys have become unreliable when typing and can require multiple key presses before they...
  12. Develoution53

    Decent gaming latop recommendations for £7-800

    Hi guys, so I'm 19 years old and about to go off to university my parents have said they'll put £200 towards a laptop and I have time to save about £500, I had a look at gaming desktops and immediately stopped when I realised my budget is nowhere near what would be required to build a decent...
  13. Astravagrant

    Recommendations for a *small* stand-alone machine-learning system

    Hi there, I'm pretty tech-savvy, but I haven't looked at anything other than Intel and Nvidia for many years, so was hoping you guys could give me a steer. I've got two 970s left over from a recent 2080 upgrade on my main work/gaming PC. I also have a 1TB Evo SSD, so I have some decent kit to...
  14. JackConan

    Help With Upgrading CPU

    So right now i'm looking to upgrade my cpu but I am very limited because my motherboard is ( and I would like to get a cpu that is able to run well in combination with the Gtx 1050 ti 3gb to run games like the new Black ops 4, I am not looking...
  15. Søren Riley

    PC build: Case recommendation?

    Hi. First timer here and pc building as well. Nice to meet you all. I've been spending a good 3 weeks researching and putting together my first build. https://************.com/list/ZjtX29 I've bought the ram and motherboard + Gpu will intially be a borrowed 770 2gb. Planning to upgrade to a...
  16. TechMinerUK

    Decent games for the new year

    Hi everyone, It's that time again where I've pretty much exhausted my current favorite games (Titanfall 2/Civ 5 (I have Civ 6 but it's not spectacular). Because of this I'm looking for some new titles to add to the library to keep me occupied over the winter months. I was wondering what...
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