1. _Qrow_

    RX 5600 XT - Cannot change resolution past 640 x 480

    So I just received my PC back from an RMA, and it has a different GPU than when I sent it out. This wouldn't be a problem, but now my screen it stuck on 640 resolution and I cannot change it: the box is greyed out. Before I was running at 1920 x 1080. I have tried removing and updating the...
  2. Gigaclock

    Advice for stability

    Hello, I have an i7 2600k and an asus rog maximus iv extreme-z. I overclocked it up to 4100MHz with these values: CPU Ratio = 41 BCLK / PCIE = 100.30 CPU = 1,200 VCSSA / IO = 0.925 DRAM = 1.475 CPU_PLL = 1.725 PCH = 1.060 PCH_PLL = 1.060 With an hour of OCCS and Cinebench I had a maximum...
  3. pete_agreatguy

    Best Handbrake settings for 1080p blu rips?

    Hi all, I use both MakeMKV and Handbrake to rip blu rays. What settings do people recommend for ripping 1080p movies from blu rays? I currently use the following: H.265 MKV 1080p Same as Source:
  4. Taz93

    Windows 10 Boot Up: All settings were reset to default values?

    Hey guys. Wondering if anyone can advise. When I boot from cold, my system seems to display a message on a black screen that details my CPU, RAM Frequency, USB Devices, and SATA devices. Underneath that is the message "All settings were reset to default values. Press F1 to run SETUP, Press F2...
  5. SCP98

    8700K wired speeds

    Hi, I've got a new 8700K for a week now and I really like it so far. However, I noticed one strange setting. The CPU speed is set to 3700 MHz (UEFI) where it should be at stock but the cache speed is 4400 MHz. I'm clearly no expert but in my opinion that's not normal. I've loaded the UEFI...
  6. toorf

    Can't change settings on Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 motherboard for overclock

    I am trying to overclock my i5-2500k using the BIOS in my Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 motherboard, and I have found a guide online. But I cannot change any of the required settings, such as CPU clock ratio and many others. The options are "greyed out" and I cannot hover over them to change their values...
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