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  1. AndyT

    Ryzen 5 5600X compatibility with Win 7 (or just go for 11600K?)

    Hi all, I currently have a first gen Ryzen 1600X and would like to upgrade the cpu/mobo before (if things ever change with the GPU market...) eventually the GPU (1070 GTX). I was looking at either the Ryzen 5600X or the i5-11600K. My choice based on price/performance would be the 5600X, but I...
  2. Sergey P.

    WHEA Uncorrectable Error on GPU load (Win 10)

    Hi all, I hope it's the right place to write it, but I'm currently desperate for help and would really appreciate it. When my GPU is on load (games or Furmark tests) my computer crashes with WHEA error and no dump file is created. Just jumping forward I have to note, that this is happening on...
  3. Mel_P

    Care when using MS diskclean with Windows 7 - deletes required files!

    I still have my HP Microserver 8 on windows 7. I use it to back up photos so I only turn it on every week or so to back up a batch so not much of a security risk on a time at risk basis. Yesterday I turned it on and checked there were no updates (monthly virus scan). There were none. I thought...
  4. MrMarvelous

    Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 - advice needed

    Hi guys, planning on eventually nuking my PC and doing a fresh install to Windows 10. I've currently got my Windows 7 configured just the way I like it - absolute bare minimum running, just the bare essentials. When I boot I only have 26 processes running, i'd like to configure Windows 10 the...
  5. SemperFitz

    Win 7 boot fail

    Hi All I have a toshiba satellite c660 that refused to boot with the message 'boot failed', i managed to boot from USB and repair the boot up and got a working laptop again, however, when i restarted i got the same message and no boot up. Any ideas why this would happen? TIA
  6. Quartz

    Windows 7 - final roll-up update?

    Now that official support for Windows 7 has come to an end, is there a final all-in one roll-up update that can be applied to a fresh install? Or slipstreamed?
  7. BobMarley69

    Locked out of PC - help needed

    Hi guys, I'm locked out of a Windows 7 PC I built a while ago, I can't remember the password. I've tried to follow a backdoor workaround via this video: When I get to the start up repair part this happens: It's completely...
  8. SemperFitz

    Windows cannot find

    Hi All, I get the error message 'windows cannot find C:\users\username\Downloads\filename' Make sure you typed the name....' I have tried (windows 7) AV scan Malwarebyts scan Adwcleaner SFC safe mode windows update troubleshooter Any ideas greatly appreciated TIA
  9. markymoo

    Do I need to purchase Windows 10 again?

    I own Windows 7 Pro (boxed version, not OEM) I upgraded for free to Windows 10 I have since changed graphics card, processor and memory, no isssues. However, I wondered where I would be for a full system upgrade? Am I stuck with Windows 7 Pro (as the free upgrade to 10 has expired) The W7 Pro...
  10. Averyius

    Booting W 7 ultimate to SSD when Data is already on the drive

    I am building a new computer. I have used Rufus software to download Windows 7 64 bit to a stick / pen flash drive. I intend to install on and run the operating system from my new SSD. I want to know if Windows will automatically create a disk partition for me or if I must "expand the volume"...
  11. IggyStooge

    Dropped Laptop... Windows 7 not booting

    Hello everyone, A mate messaged me saying he'd dropped his Laptop, has not been able to boot into Windows 7 since and would I have a look at it. It landed bottom side down so I guess the HDD would have felt the impact more. Unfortunately he's got music on it that he doesn't have backed up and...
  12. KSB


    I tried to upgrade my Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 to play the FiveM mod for GTA. But it never completed the install and now I cannot load windows 10 or windows 7 it comes up with an error code 0xc000000f. Is there any way I can fix this without doing a complete reset as I've got a lot of...
  13. Deleted member 77746

    MSN Messenger is back! 2018!

  14. Topdod

    DDR3 RAM memtest failures

    Not too long ago I was having problem with copying files to any external and corruption would occur. I thought I fixed the issue but it reared it's ugly head again and I finally did a memtest and got 6 passes and 5 fails all on test 5. Image of the errors and addresses that were shown...
  15. davetrace1

    Help Windows wont install updates!! Pics included

    Very annoying, Windows wont update and now takes 2 hours just for me to log in On the desktop I can download the updates fine. But when I have to restart to install them that's when trouble starts..... When turning on the computer these messages appear; It says Windows is configuring updates...
  16. vmondude

    Panoramic Desktop/Wallpaper Help =)

    Hey guys, haven't been around for a fair old while now but I'm finally taking my YouTube channel seriously and I thought this might help some of the less advanced of you, as that is who my channel is aimed at. If you have multiple monitors and want you background image to spread across both...
  17. Lordofdeath123

    Guide: Installing Windows 7 on a Kaby Lake PC.

    Hi everyone. This is a guide on how to install Windows 7 64-bit version with all its essential drivers on an Acer E5 575G 54T8 Laptop. This is a Kaby Lake based PC and I expect that many, if not all, of these steps can be applied to many other Kaby Lake based PC's. NOTE: This is just a...
  18. Lordofdeath123

    Installing Intels Kaby Lake Drivers on a Windows 7 Laptop

    Hi all. I bought a new Laptop with an i5 7200U CPU and a Nvidea 950m GPU. It had windows 10 (as expected), so I backed it up and installed windows 7 on top. Despite the Laptop manufacturers not officially supporting windows 7, I was able to install most drivers without too much problems. I...
  19. Bradguin121

    Kaby Lake and Windows 7...

    I don't know what to do, I've just found out that Kaby doesn't support Win7 (I know I should have done my research) but now I literally can't do anything. I used a HDD from a previous build that has Win7 installed on it. I have access to everything on my HDD from before, but Win7 won't detect my...
  20. sjp1966

    Activating Windows

    I need some advise on activating windows. My son bought a PC off of one of his friends a little while back it had Win 7 Pro 64 bit on it, He did the free upgrade to Win 10 that microsoft was offering and that was all great until he had some issues with the machine and we needed to rebuild it...
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