1. josephdavidson

    Career advice?

    Hi, I'm stuck. I think I am a fairly employable individual (or soon to be, once I graduate), but I have no idea what I want to do or what is even an option for me. I am going to graduate with my master's in an integrated master's course next year. It is an MPhys in Physics with Philosophy at...
  2. jjsunny123

    Background Checks for Graduate jobs after Dismissal

    Found this forum and I hope this is a good place to ask for some advice on my situation! First of all I just want to say that I accept my mistakes and I do not want to downplay them at all. I was recently dismissed from my finance company job for emailing sensitive data to my personal email...
  3. Simmy

    Trialling a four day working week

    Hi all, I'm in a fortunate position in that I've convinced my managing director to trial a 4-day working week, starting next year. It's based on 100% pay for 85% working hours (32-hour week) and, most importantly, retaining 100% productivity. The trial will be for 3-months initially, extending...
  4. D

    Self-organized Team with Tensions

    Hi everyone I work in a small self-organized team within a much larger organization. For the most part we are doing fairly well as a team. However, it has become apparent that one of the team members is bending the rules to their advantage whenever possible. Among other things, they are...
  5. orbitalwalsh


    Uninterrupted Power Supply questions ! Afternoon all, having a fun research project and was wondering on this forum... Does anyone use UPS ? If so for what line of work ? Would you use it for gaming ( from Pro to content creator ) and What features would you like to see on UPS that aren't...
  6. Mylestheone

    Please critique my gaming/work build whilst waiting to get a 3070/80

    Hi, I'm looking to build a new rig since my x58 build from 10 years ago is on it's last legs. Main usage will be a combination of work, video editing for YouTube and of course, gaming. I am hunting for either of the ever elusive 3070/80 founders edition cards at msrp. Not fussed which one I get...
  7. Sharkhouse

    New WFH chair needed. Read other posts but still not sure.

    Hi Overclockers I'm working from home and will be for at least a few months. I'm in need of a new good, comfortable office/gaming chair. I currently have a stool and my back is starting to hate me. Years of recklessness and delivery driving have destroyed my spine and I feel myself arching...
  8. Charlie123

    Is this bullying?

    One of my (24f) colleagues at work (25m) is being very unfriendly at work and it's starting to get to me but I don't know whether it counts as bullying or not. Some of the things he does: 1) Ignores me, pulls faces and moves away from me when I speak to him. 2) Calls me a b**ch and continues to...
  9. MX5Churbo

    Not sure what to do or what's out there...

    Hi all, I've been perusing this section of the forums as a guest (along with a load of other forums) for quite a while now trying to gain some inspiration about what to do, and which direction to aim career/job wise, but I'm still totally lost. Given it's new year and having struggled...
  10. Ricky G

    Help with business / gaming laptop

    Hi All, Wondering if I could get some advice please. I'd like to purchase a professional looking 15 inch plus laptop mostly for work but also for casual gaming. Due to my job I don't really feel comfortable pulling out a gaming laptop with RGB keyboard and large fans etc... I made.a mistake...
  11. zesus

    Working on a house today, is this asbestos? As the title says, working on a house today and was wondering whether or not this is asbestos.
  12. h4rm0ny

    The working week - which is best?

    I've taken on a job that is very project based and predominantly my work. There's some interaction and dependency on others, but it's mostly asynchronous. Barring the occasional update meeting, I have no specific schedule requirements. Basically, I'll need to provide a significant number of...
  13. Glendenn

    Being underpaid at work

    im not sure if I’m allowed to post this kind of thing in here, but I can’t find information anywhere! I’ve recently found out that someone in a lower postition than me at work (and he’s new) is being paid more than me per hour. I’m being paid £8.32 and he is being paid £8.75, I am his...
  14. nodedslon

    Job satisfaction

    Do you think that job satisfaction is more important than money? Why/why not? You would rather work in a job which you love or in well-paid one which is stressful, you don't have much time but you are loaded?
  15. EGuitarStar

    How much do you spend on food at work?

    Up until recently, I used to purchase breakfast and lunch whilst at work from a cafe, supermarket, coffee shop etc.... I calculated that it cost me a fair amount of money often close to £10 a day which adds up over a month. I've now slowly weened myself have breakfast at home and to cook and...
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