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AfD MP hospitalised. Attempted murder.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by h4rm0ny, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. [FnG]MUGnolia


    Joined: Aug 29, 2007

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    LOL what did everyone's favourite loon, trappist, do to get perma'd? The only highlight in an awful thread.
  2. stockhausen


    Joined: Jul 30, 2006

    Posts: 8,661

    Upset some sensitive soul?
  3. Chris Wilson


    Joined: Nov 28, 2003

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    Location: Shropshire

    Probably made the mistake of telling it as it is once too often. Maybe he'll return under the guise of Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé or another well known Cistercian.
  4. dowie


    Joined: Jan 29, 2008

    Posts: 36,485

    Would be good if there was some sub forum where the banned members were listed along with the reason for their ban, I mean we get the reason for a post deletion displayed sometimes.

    Re: this user, I've noticed a few of his posts have been deleted recently, I guess maybe he's been trolling a few too many times.
  5. The_Abyss


    Joined: May 15, 2007

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    Location: Ipswich

    This would effectively create a wall of martyrs and make moderating more challenging.
  6. [FnG]MUGnolia


    Joined: Aug 29, 2007

    Posts: 25,105

    Location: Beads?

    One returnee too far, I suspect. I quite like the idea of a sub-forum where the malcontents dine. Good idea, Dowie :heart: