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Atlas - new Ark developer Pirate MMO

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by pcfarrar, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Digital X


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    Pretty much a pile of rancid bantha pee.
  2. Omaeka


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    So what is actually wrong with the game? Just bugs? I cannot at all see it being on the ARK engine and having similar gameplay being an issue at all, and if it is to people then once again we have double standards in play. Is Dark Souls (probably my favorite game series) just an asset flip of Demon's Souls? Is Fifa 19 not an asset flip of 18? Maybe if they had called it ARK Pirates or ARK 2 and not Atlas there would be no outrage... Fortnite just GoW asset flip SMH.

    It's definitely overblown to high heaven, the meme of Lirik a few pages back sums it up, comparing the trailer (presumably mid-end game content) to the game on low graphics settings with purposefully mutated freaky characters after 5 minutes of gameplay... Nice.

    I'll avoid it for a few months after all the nonsense is over and the game get's abit more traction. I don't see anything particularly bad in the videos I've watched, especially not for £20. It's essentially a game people have been begging for, for years (see Sea of Thieves) in Early Access with infinite potential, yet because they used code and assets from their other game... Death. With the exception of the way the game seems to feel/handle and a couple of UI similarities, everything is new.
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  3. bJN


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    I think the issue a lot of people have is that ARK was never really in a finished state. The premise was great, the scope was fantastic, but the performance issues marred it's success. It was then followed some questionable DLC and pushed releases to console. I think with the time and money passed from ARK they expected something with a little more polish. The server architecture clearly couldn't handle the influx - although they brought that upon themselves by getting big streamers onboard the hype train - the performance appeared abysmal and the content was so much further down the "path" if you will that it seems rather pointless in its current state.

    The reuse of assets I can fully understand, I'm sure most people will, but the discoveries that some people made regarding the ARK game menus and single player game mode suggesting this was intended to be an expansion for ARK had royally peeved people.
  4. Madeddie


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    They would of been best coming clean with a reality check trailer.

  5. loftie


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    ARK with all the maps installed is 167GB
  6. Nexus18


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    But folks, remember, "early access"..... In 3 years time when it officially launches, maybe it will be fixed and look like the official trailer..... *looks at ark* oh wait..........


    A mugs game.
  7. Spils

    Wise Guy

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    When you

    When you spend all the project budget on the animated trailer. Ill give this a pass then yer :D
  8. Darujhistan


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    Dev's are so brazen these days they don't even bother to hide in-game that their 'new game' is just DLC for an older game poorly bodged up to look like a new game!

    And yet people STILL pre-order and pay for early access...

  9. TonyTurbo78


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    And fan boys defend this #@*!. Mugs everywhere.
  10. Darujhistan


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    And these low self-esteem cretins ruin things for everyone. The last time I was conned by a dev was Rome 2, I didn't defend the dev, I knew i'd been conned and ripped-off and I was furious and vowed never to pre-order anything ever again.

    What is wrong with people these days?
  11. Raumarik


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    Streamers were hyping this up weeks in advance and we all over it at release buy which point the penny dropped but too much hype had been built. I tend not to buy now unless it's been reviewed by someone I trust like Mac on worthabuy or a friend recommends it.
  12. Datamonkey


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    Just to add my 2p.

    Am enjoying building and exploring at the moment, ok its nothing like the trailer, love that honest comparison vid :D

    Wasnt a fan of Ark, loved Conan and I am actually enjoying Atlas now.
  13. agnes


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    Ah yes, the same models with no knees apparently lol.
  14. Techen

    Wise Guy

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    49k active players daily and they suggest this flopped? Rofl
  15. Glanza


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  16. SixTwoSix


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    Scum had 68k players for a few weeks just after launch, now it's not even in the top 100 steam games playerwise.
  17. Darujhistan


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    All that shows is that Crapshhot Games have had at least 49,000 people's trousers down with a garbage DLC for another game.
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  18. Techen

    Wise Guy

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    Oft theres allot of negative attitude in here . I'll go for a pint and let this whole thing blow over.
  19. Firestar_3x


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    Picked Ark up on release, not played in around a year but put 490 hours into that, and even taking bugs into account had lots of fun.

    Tempted by Atlas, £20 is nowt and the game will improve, will it ever be perfect? no, and even if i only get 50 hours it still represents great value for money.
  20. Tombstone


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    Have to say that after watching Cohh's stream of his private server of Atlas, it looked worlds apart from the official servers. Cohhs private server looked 100 times better than the official ones.