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Backing up TB's worth of data

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by Phil2008, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Phil2008


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    I thought for £25 it was worth the risk.

    I haven't tried restoring individual files with mine, but after its done backing up 400gb worth of data to a tape, it only takes about 10-15secs to rewind the tape back to the beginning... I would say mine would take about 10hrs or so to restore 4tb of data, but a hard drive would take that amount of time too.

    But tape drives are great for backing up huge amounts of data and knowing that your data is always safe, unlike with the hard drive, you could have a hard drive fail anytime and specifically if you have only 1 backup of it... I have 2 backups of my other important stuff but thats only a few 100gb, but when you backing up TB's worth of data, multiple backups get expensive.

    Ah yeah I didn't have any trouble getting the drive running with windows 10 to my amazement. I just used the win7 drivers to get the SCSSI card working and then win10 detected the drive on its own. Then I just needed to install tape backing up software as the drive didnt show up in explorer.
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  2. PiKe


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    I do have a Plex server with a heck of a lot of media, I can't really bring myself to use hard drives as a backup because I could be using that space for Plex instead!
  3. Rozzy85

    Wise Guy

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    I got myself an old LTO1 drive but my journey to tape storage hasn't been quite as smooth sailing thanks to the wonderful world of SCSI controllers. I have two controller cards yet somehow both are dead or have died in the process. The Adaptec 2120S card I have was working at one point but now that I actually need to use it I get a nice Code 10 driver error and now the system won't even boot with it inserted. Maybe I should just stick with blu-ray. :p
  4. Phil2008


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    Posts: 7,572

    I bought a 2nd hand Adaptec 29320 Ultra320 pciex1 scsi card when I bought the LTO3 drive, I had no idea what I was doing, so much so that the external socket was too small, but the internal socket on the card was the right fitting. So I had to buy 1 of these to convert the internal socket into a external. So far the card have been fine, touch wood and backed up about 6tb of data with it.... Wonder if I can convert either of those sockets into SAS if I upgrade the drive to LTO4 or higher, because the card works real nicely with win10 and I have only pcex1 slots?

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  5. Skiddley


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    Can someone point me in the direction of one of these super-cheap, working LT04 drives. I'm not seeing them.
  6. Semple


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    That's changing very rapidly though. I work with a number of very large companies who have ditched the tape environment because it's still costly, it's slow, and it's a nightmare to keep cycling and storing tapes.

    For a small home environment, it's a good cheap option, although as the OP has found out, it'll take a while to offload all that data, and even longer if he needs to perform a restore.

    For a meagre 3Tb of data, assuming you have a reasonable upload speed, there are some cloud solutions out there that would cost similar in price short term (who knows what cloud pricing will do long term).
  7. Phil2008


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    Second hand LTO4 drives are quite expensive, thats why I have gone for LTO3.
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  8. Phil2008


    Joined: Dec 17, 2004

    Posts: 7,572

    There not slow at all, no slower then a hard drive anyway. They just seem slow if you have a huge amount of data to backup. Mine whizzes through 700mb media files within a few seconds, about 80mb/s. It depends on how fast the data can be sent to the drive.

    I have found out quite a bit about tape backup on the net and its only really big companies that use this way of backing up, because your looking at anything from £500 to a few grand for a new tape drive(no idea why they are so expensive but there you go), so I cant see many home users going down the tape road for backing up. But the companies are moving away from tape and going to the cloud instead for backing up.

    So tape for backing up isn't very popular, less so now because you have the cloud for backing up too. But tape backup is still is in demand because LTO is being improved yearly, as the storage is getting larger and faster on these things. With the LTO7 drive thats been released this year you can fit, I think its 12tb of data now onto 1 tape. But your looking at mega money for LTO7.

    Tape for me to backup my media drive sounded appealing because backing up terrabytes of data on to a hard drive or multiple drives, (so you have more then 1 copy) is rather expensive, plus buying a half decent £100+ hdd just for backing up on,, well its just a waste and thats the main reason I have never backed up my media drive before now......

    So I will have to see how the tape goes, hopefully its as reliable and robust as people say it is, because I have only made 1 copy of the drive.
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