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BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by michellez, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. V_R


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    Wouldn't interleaving up the ping though? They haven't changed.

    Pinging www.google.co.uk [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=8ms TTL=56
    Reply from bytes=32 time=9ms TTL=56
    Reply from bytes=32 time=8ms TTL=56
    Reply from bytes=32 time=8ms TTL=56
    Ping statistics for
        Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
        Minimum = 8ms, Maximum = 9ms, Average = 8ms
    Heres my result history, you can see how it used to be and then when I noticed the difference (Aug and Sept)

  2. bulldog147


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    Could be line banded
  3. ChrisD.


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    Sure it's not some form of QOS on your router?
  4. V_R


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    I thought that too, and checked it when it all started happening, its all off and always has been. Wish it were that simple!

    I'm actually starting to wonder now if its Plusnet and their new network. I know they've been having a lot if issues of late. But thought it was only affecting new customers. But reading around that might not be the case.

    Might be time to jump ship I think. just on hold to PN now, 15 min queue. It was 30 mins last night. That says a lot! :mad:
  5. varkanoid


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    IP profile doesnt mean actual speed you will get never has. Same with ADSL BT always show what the line is capable of but you will never get it. Same reason why your upload actual is lower.
    eg my IP profile is 65 but it get about 59/60. Dont forget the speed test BT do is not from your end its from their end. Same at work when a BT Engineer comes to fit or test a line with his little box of tricks and says "yep line is capable of 16mb" but when you use your own equipment you get something like 12mb.
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  6. V_R


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    Yes I understand that, but nothing has changed on my end of the line, I've gone from getting a constant, steady, reliable 74Mbps down for the last 3+ years to 69 and now 66Mbps. Have a look at the results above.

    I'm only 150m from the cab, hell I can almost see it from one of the windows.

    I know from when I had an unlocked HG612 that my max rate was up about 95 - 100Mb too.

    So something is wrong.

    Anyway, I've spoken to Plusnet again this morning after another 20 min wait. He did some tests, apparently he thinks there is an 'Impairment on one of the joints' on my line and agrees with me I should be getting the full speeds like I have been up until a month ago.

    Personally I think its Plusnet's new network I'm on because if I reboot the modem and get put on another gateway my speeds change, and remain consistent, just not as fast as they can/should be, for example gateway X will be 69Mbps and gateway z will be 66Mbps, and after looking at the PN forums it seems I'm not the only one either!

    So they said they would get back to me in 5 days after they've done more tests and they want me to run another BTW test tonight. Then decide if an engineer visit is required.

    I'll see what happens... Failing that I may well jump ship to Zen....!
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  7. Kol


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    To be fair, I did have an impairment problem once. Someone must have been working in the cab but my speeds dropped dramatically. An engineer went out and one of my pairs was damaged somehow. He came back 20minutes later and my speeds were back to normal.

    They could be telling the truth here.
  8. KIA

    Man of Honour

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    Actual throughput should be very close to the downstream IP profile, 1 megabit in my case.

    Upload is different because the profile is fixed.

  9. Tom_ed1987

    Wise Guy

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    I've been on infinity 1 for the past year & have been happy, especially with the Cashback & MasterCard deals which were available when started.
    Contract is almost up so it's time to work out what to do.
    In 'My BT' I have an offer to upgrade to infinity 2 for £15/mo, on a 24 month contract, so would work out at £34/month, albeit with no rewards.

    Do we think it's worth staying/upgrading, or are there any killer deals floating about from other providers at the moment for 76mb?
  10. Daaaavvveee

    Wise Guy

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    I have just been doing some tests and it looks like i have dropped about 45mbp/s from a wired connection, going to monitor over the next few days.

  11. roadie


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    I'm looking at the 52Mb BT Infinity Unlimited 1 package. Does this appear to be the best price to get it for?

    broadbandchoices £29.99 per month for 12 months + £69.98 (set up fee & delivery) = £429.86
    topcashback -£31.50
    BT reward card -£150
    total 'cost' £248.36
  12. nightmare99


    Joined: Oct 19, 2006

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    Sorry this has probably been asked before but a friend has just moved into a new build which has FTTP, the fibre modem is all there and connected. What are his choices on provider, is it pretty much BT?

    Also is it not good for the fibre modems to be turned off as I notice they install an small battery pack?
  13. TheVoice


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    Location: Glasgow

    I believe the battery is so the phone will work in the event of a power cut.
  14. Hyper


    Joined: Jul 2, 2005

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    I recently signed up and got £140 quidco cashback and a £125 reward card so I would shop around.
  15. MissChief


    Joined: Jul 17, 2010

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    Plusnet only do FTTP for existing customer still AFAIK. Other than BT I know of only two other FTTP ISP's, Andrews & Arnold and Zen.
  16. Type_R


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    So something quite strange has happened. For the last 24 hours I have been syncd at 52.8 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up as reported by the smarthub.

    However the BT availability check shows a max of 47.9 Mbps max??


    This is interesting as on Sky Max (up to 76 Mbps) I only ever achieved 44 Mbps! Not sure what BT have done (I understand it is different equipment etc) but I'm loving it! :D
  17. nightmare99


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    That actually makes perfect sense.

    Thanks, that will be BT for him then.
  18. JamieSissons


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    This is my speed, get this 90% of the time and never have slow downs during peak times!
  19. Landy


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    Anyone having problems with Infinity today? mine keeps dropping for like 5 seconds at a time then will come back on, West Yorkshire area
  20. MichaelAwkward


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    Just placed my order for Infinity 1, as Virgin has become increasingly unreliable (entire days of no service, increasingly high latency at peak times) and recently put up my broadband only to £33pm. With cashback and the rewards card, it'll end up costing me £9.70pm. :D

    The Virgin retentions lady didn't even bother offering me a better deal.