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Clash of Clans

Discussion in 'Mobile and Tablet Games' started by gatzi, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. paintguy


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    I think the Goblin has been under rated for a long time, especially when resources are your main aim.

    I was a Barch farmer for years, but in the recent Clan Games with all of the resource and collector/mine challenges, Goblins were perfect. Using them en mass on my th11, th9 and th6s soon got those challenges done, and mass drags on my th8 took care of the storage challenges. I maxed each account on points and reached tier 4 early in the second day, which is the most I can hope for with 5 accounts in a one man clan and a 4k limit per village.

    I find Wiz towers are their main enemy. Used in groups point defences aren't really an issue, and they generally tear through resource buildings and move on before a mortar can get them.
  2. ShiWarrior


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    Clash Tools is Retiring at the end of this month

    we don't need any data from this site do we Jim?