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Crappy UK Weather...Anyone else had this week off ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chaparral, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. jsmoke


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  2. Yaayuh!


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    As frustrating as it can be to have plans scrapped due to the weather, I love a bit of rain and cooler days, it’s also essential for nature and great for the garden.

    I’d pick overcast with chance of rain over weeks on end of relentless sun and heat.
  3. fobose


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    Location: Cambridge, UK.

    Where had you planned to go? Hopefully you can go some where even better next year instead :D I left my work MS surface at work on purpose so I can't check my emails so easily. One of my colleagues was whatsapping me though ffs.

    Me too. I like my garden looking nice and non stop sunshine means I have to water it more than I would like. I normally have to do it before work too so its a bit annoying at 6:30am.
  4. darkgen


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    Cheer up champ; I'm off next week! :)
  5. Eurofighter

    Wise Guy

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    Got tomorrow off. I hope it's nice
  6. EGuitarStar


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    It can't rain all the time ;)
  7. Blackjack Davy


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    Had some rain yesterday morning apart from that its been permanently dry maybe a bit cloudy now and then for months now. Sometimes wonder if we're living on another planet in this corner of england. See weather reports and warnings and think "what on earth are you talking about!"

    Garden's basically dead grass is brown can't afford the water bills to keep it alive!
  8. Boge


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    Try living in central Bedfordshire. Our lawns are completely brown. Like walking on weetabix it is. It never rains here.

    Don't water it because it's 1/3 of an acre and would be far too expensive on the (metered) bill.

    Feel sorry for the farmers around here.