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diet tips: willpower?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BoyceyLDN, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. 200sols

    Wise Guy

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    Exercise is a myth, drinks like a fish, recommends eating bacon? You may be thin but that’s not healthy.
  2. itchy


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    Exercise is a myth google it. Bacon is for protein, peanut butter is for energy and fish is for zinc,magnesium and many other things that keep you going. A bit of veg will do you ok.

    I have not drank a can of coke for over 20 years zero or not.
  3. nitram100


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    Always laugh when my friend who is chubby, smokes and eats pizza tells me I should drink pepsi max because of aspaaaartmeeeeee :D

    Do you realise how much you would have to consume before it becomes dangerous? lol. If 3 cans a day helps me stay away from bad foods then it's worth it and no it doesn't increase your craving for carbs, even it did I wouldn't give in and be all the stronger for it.

    *cracks open 6th pepsi of the day while rubbing my six pack with a resting heart rate of 45bpm and bp of 105 systolic**
  4. One More Solo


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    Flip it on its head then: don’t eat when you’re full.
  5. DarkHorizon472


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    That's a little misleading about exercise. To give you an example in the winter I do road cycling and in the summer mountain biking including up and down mountains ;)

    I weight more in the winter as the road biking while keeping me fit is not a all over physically demanding as mountain biking. Due to this and going out more often in the summer my summer weight is noticeably less than my winter weight and as you would expect I am a lot fitter. I don't use the Gym as find it too tedious and don't fancy spending numerous hours in the Gym as I would mountain biking on a single ride.

    The key point is you can't exercise your way out of a poor diet, especially as you get older.
  6. MookJong


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    Game changer for a friend of mine was to day plan her meals, shop online and get it delivered weekly.

    Basically you buy low carb non processed foods and don't let any other food into the house ever.
  7. Ocean Breeze


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    Sensible portions of healthy food. No need to even exercise.

    Couple of treats in the month like cake or a burger.

    I don’t understand what’s so difficult. I probably have one takeaway per year on average, do crave it..no. Do I like it’s yes.

    I’m very slim and can afford to go mental and eat junk as I find it hard to put weight on but I don’t because I know it’s stupid and bad for me.

    Its just a case of getting used to a certain way of eating.
  8. Roar87


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    Wow at my fittest I was training hard and only had low-mid 50's HR, 45 is crazy.
  9. Defy Belief

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    Negative impact on gut bacteria? Fruits contain high fibre and improve gut bacteria if anything. Plus the anti-oxidant properties etc.
  10. Screeeech


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    I don't think there's any evidence to show that aspartame is bad, however I wouldn't recommend drinking insane amounts of diet fizzy drinks, although they have no sugar - they have a lot of acid, this can cause problems like acid reflux and also affect the enamel on your teeth.

    Exactly, if you eat actual fruit - our digestive systems have evolved to deal with things like fructose when you eat the fruit, because the fibre carries it through the digestive system properly, rather than the juice simply permeating straight through the membranes of the mouth/throat and instantly spiking blood sugar, hence why people with type-2 diabetes can eat oranges, but absolutely not drink orange juice.
  11. AHarvey


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    You would disagree that you should only eat when you're hungry because people eat out of boredom? :confused: I eat out of boredom at times but then I have a mental illness where binge eating is a form of self-harm. It takes constant will power and determination to stay on top of it, only eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full has a difference on me. I lose weight gradually and feel better.

    The whole point is that you can lose weight and still eat a normal diet that consists of healthy and non-healthy food. A regimented diet is not a healthy way of living, you're making food a massive focus in your life and it consumes you. A friend of mine got into the same pattern, hit the gym and was told to track his diet. Started with a food log, ended up spending a couple of hours a day purely on tracking, prepping food, counting calories and reading as much food related info as he can. He even stopped going out with us as it was outside of his scheduled intake hours. Thing is, you can't see any difference for it, he doesn't feel any different and only now he's got kids has he realised what a waste of time it is. I've seen it many times.

    Being aware of what you're eating is fine, letting it run your life in such a regimented way can be detrimental to your standard of living. The only time it may be of benefit is if you're a gym rat or in training for big sporting events.

    You only have to read some of the rubbish posted in this thread to see how little people know. I think Feek summed it up well.
  12. clubb699


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    I went from 14 stone to 11.6 in 3 and half months gone from been chubby to having a six pack. Did have a pic in the gym section but took it off now(Over 40 btw)

    I did it using my fitness Pal ( free and fantastic app)

    Drinking alot of water helps flush the fat out.

    Exercise can work it just speeds the fat burning over time, I think it would of doubled the time if I did not excercise, as long as you don't eat more to compensate the exercise it worked for me, i did it lifting weights ,probably did 3 hours cardio in the 3 months rest was light high reps to burn cals.

    What keeps me going take a pic of yourself, then look back after a month and see the difference, from that point on it can get addictive and you can easily achieve what you want.

    No pain no gain good luck

    PS I have a cheat day once a week and eat what I want , the other half usally says what they hell you eating now u ain't stopped today lol, ice-creams , chocolates, takeaway what ever, the key is once a week you will not put it back on. Mines on a Saturday it's something to look forward to, tbh I do it out of routine now healthly eating is part of my life after a year of doing it .
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  13. Scam


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    Yes. Like the suggestion above of planning your meals for the week and doing one shop, rather than going shop when you're hungry every night. I'd say the former is way better for you. In a similar way I think eating at (relatively) regimented times would be much better for you. As modern humans we've lost some of our ability to tell if we're hungry. Eating out of boredom isn't because people are bored, it's because they think they're hungry. I'd argue a person who has a diet problem, probably is a supreme candidate of that. The person that can't say no to a cake because they've not eaten for 2hrs and think they might need a little something to get them through the afternoon at work. I'd say the person that has low willpower with regards to food is not going to get on very well 'trusting' their instinct of whether or not they're hungry. Because demonstrably, they eat more than they need to! That's why they're fat!

    Totally agree. You won't find me arguing anything apart from 'everything in moderation'.
  14. UTmaniac


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    Make a list of all the snacks you eat now between meals, including any sugary drinks.

    Aim to at least reduce it by 50%.

    Instead of reaching for a snack, have a glass of water.

    If you aren't already, try and do 30-60 minutes of brisk exercise most days, for example linking up a number of local inclines on a bike where you climb hard and then recover on the downhill/flat.

    Willpower and perseverance will result in weight loss for many, I went from ~95Kg to ~73Kg from June 2016 to August 2017... I'm now ~80Kg at 5'10" due to less willpower since 2018 and maybe putting on some leg muscle mass, but do as I say, not as I do dammit! ;)
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  15. FishLicker


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    5'10 and 9 stone? You must look like a POW if that's true. About 12st is about the right weight for that height.

    As for drinking like a fish, I call BS. I am 5'10 and drinking like a fish is what got me to 15 stone.
  16. Hitman_UK


    Joined: Dec 10, 2009

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    I Follow a 80% healthy meals vs 20% whatever so 300 calories a day I use for what I want i.e chocolate.

    I mainly got very lean (Sub 10% BF) by doing 2 hours of liss cardio a week, walking uphill on a treadmill while watching youtube videos.

    Even simple things you can shift weight by just cleaning up your diet a bit and going out for a walk 30 mins everyday.

    I think alot of it is metal this year I've struggled and put on a fair bit of weight (I stopped the cardio) I think a good tip is too throw out all the crap in your fridge and cupboards and buy healthy stuff only so there is no tempations.

  17. SixTwoSix


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    Fixed that for you, plus when you lose all that extra weight, you'll be so proud of yourself :D
  18. krooton


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    If you struggle to have things like tea/coffee without sugar, I strongly reccomend getting Erithrytol.

    Amazing stuff, just wish it was a little cheaper.
  19. dirtychinchilla


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    It's all about how you were brought up. The way my parents did it, I have always had a complex about food. My dad restricted what we ate, doing what he thought was the right thing, and the result was that I didn't know how to control myself. I just didn't learn as a child. As an adult, whilst I have more control I would still say I'm a compulsive eater. I'm not super fat or anything, but if I ate what I wanted when I wanted, I would be huge.
  20. Scam


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    Actually 12 stone would be the top end at 24 BMI according to the NHS (I put in a 30yo white male, as a guess).

    The range they suggest is 9st 3lb - 12st 7lb for that height.

    I'm 5'9 and people think I'm skinny because I haven't got very broad shoulders, and I'm quite a slim build. The way people say it, it's like they expect me to be unhealthily underweight. Whereas I'm slap bang in the middle of the recommended weight. Goes to show how we're normalising fatties :o